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Zestris The Lava Warrior

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Zestris comes from deep mountains in Irselnort. He is made of Lava. He wears an Ancient Armor. Before he became big and powerfull, he was just a Human. An evil Sorcerer throw grudge on him, but he throw a wrong one which made him of Lava and giant without weapons. When he transformed he killed all people in city. A Chosen warrior tried to defeat him and he did it but he didnt killed him. So he sent his corpse to Dark Castle named Zesulon and set his arms and legs on chain on wall. The warrior was granted as a Knight. He died after 40years because he was old. After 50years Zestris woke up and he made a Golden Sword. He was very strong and hhe got off chains but they are still on his arms and legs. He use them as a second weapon. He came out of the castle and started killing again innocent people. After the whole city murdered and destroyed to sand. Now he is heading to Irselnort to hunt down all people over Arinar. Will this madness going to end? Legends of War of Spear say that MC and Elfs will unite against him. He will be defeated by five brave chosen warriors and bring peace to Irselnort. Both sides will try to defeat him but only chosen warriors can. After he be defeated all two sides still wont be together because Zestris have great and powerfull items in his body which he will drop. These items will be very rare and worthy so MC and Elfs will fight for defeating him. These five warriors will be Saints in their Faction.





Boss will have 1.500.000 hp

Physical defence: 2500

Magic defence 2000

Mana: 300

Mana regen 40

DMG: 400

Magic damage: 200

He will have two defenders of 40k hp with 250dmg with staffs



Very big like 3x-4x of normal humans.

He will wear an Ancient armor.

Over his body he have lava coming.

He attacks with his giant sword and chains from range.

First skill: He uses skill Golden Chains swish which makes 600dmg ,mana cost 40

Second skill: Mountain Healing- this skill heals him 5000 hp every 20secs, mana cost 50

Third skill: Fire ball- throws a ball of lava from his body. 500dmg 40 mana cost

Boss location: GMs choice but on Irselnort, add more fields if possible :D



Thank you for reading my topic. :) Good luck to all contestans :). I hope you like it.

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Damn i had 210likes i was 2nd in contest then i got 900likes stupid guy who did me this -_- i spent so much time for drawing...

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