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  1. Yeeeee i will win special prize :* have most votes on fb :*
  2. r0land what were ur opinion about my boss :[
  3. r0land what about my boss? i was 1st for special prize social network and now i have 1k likes not just me there are 3more guys who have 1k likes cuz one guy added us... u disquilify us or?
  4. Ahhh if u disquilify those with 1k then my boss lost its Zestris he was 1st before that likes
  5. but what about those 4 bosses with 1k likes they still in contest or?
  6. Oh so the boss with boss likes on ur facebook page gets prize 6666mcoins and love smiles?
  7. Peter, but those bosses arent smthing vathala,koreagunba and zestris were voted by all and they were best bosses,ppl of warspear voted for us :/ vathala 1st , koreagunba 2nd and zestris 3rd...
  8. im leaving game.... i should took ss when i was 3rd bb alll.....
  9. loooooooool this sucks all my work thrown down to well :/ i was third till some asshole made me 1k likes this unfair...
  10. I still have bug with news crash :/ my android samsung galaxy mini2 android version 2.3.6 every time when i enter game when i click play then next and boom game crashes then i enter again and works fine...
  11. r0land, im having a problem with dg lvl5 on snow and hallowen xD i did almost 100x times and still no drop my char lvl5 and 4 but still no drop...
  12. My boss have 1k likes wtf who did this? i spent so much time to create my boss...
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