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Change in branch exchange system


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Currently, the branch switching mechanic is not pleasing players


I know it won't be good to leave knowledge points unused after players get all the branches after all knowledge is the reward that is present in all types of content in the game and leaving this reward unusable will affect all of them 


That's why I'm here to suggest a change that will please both sides




Players will be able to switch between branches at no cost


After changing branches, the player will have to wait a cooldown of X minutes


The player will only be able to change branches again after this period, but it will be possible to change branches instantly using knowledge points


The required amount of knowledge will be based on the remaining cooldown.



The inclusion of an NPC that activates positive effects on the character in exchange for knowledge points would also be great.


the NPC could be an old wizard with an insatiable thirst for knowledge who casts support spells in exchange for knowledge.


I'm a genius? ahauahauabUahuah (Evil Laugh)

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