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  1. ok, i guess we had a nice discussion here!
  2. yes but now they have a massive feedback
  3. so can we have a position from the devs or so? please one both subjects, the Xaman healing totem and the Guilds globe!
  4. oh ok, sorry sorry,
  5. chance of stun* , wizards are not warlocks.
  6. they are ok, not OP, but the problem is how they work, not how strong the heal is (my opinion)
  7. Well ok, but seems like even if ppl agree that it's necessary a change, you want to find a way, any to keep it how it's right now.. and that's not really productive, but please feel free to go on, after all we all need to express
  8. make a new topic explaining your exemples and how they would interact! i would be happy to review it
  9. dude we have the discussion, you do understand how OP stacks of totem are working, the devs will read and decide what to do... You know also that the debuffs combo is way better at legion then in sentinels, that is why you want to keep the healing capabilitys of xamas healing totem, that way legion would win anyways... just stop it. please?
  10. well but still don't solve the problem he said. They will survive more and will just tank and take the objectives.
  11. do you realize that overall players have 5-8k hp? and if you change that for a max of 6 totems per player, nothing will change? what is the diference of healing 20k or 6k each 3 seconds?
  12. maybe, for longer battles many area debuffs/buffs would also need a big adjustment. 6k(passive) healing each 3 seconds? still sounds op, but better then the 20k healing that a guild with 20 xamas is capable of doing atm.
  13. Druids/ Dks/ BDs/ Rogues reactions!
  14. yea and would also bring more variety on the battles, but in my opinion for this to work, an extensive review on how the healing totem is working atm.
  15. you mean a huge rework? so make a heal that is periodic, effects area, cant be dispelled, and AIM for the low hp players? (thats the totem healings effect)
  16. really good idea, but to create an equal healing capability, would demand it to be area healing overtime that prioritizes who have lost hp, and cant be dispelled. See how OP it is atm?
  17. i don't like to discriminate, but druids are just like BD's, they are kings at arenas, but the at the the cooperative fights, their kits suck..
  18. yea, that's the ideia, we set our guilds to be efficient, but i really would like to be able to win stuff and have variety on both sides... yes but what is better? just a instant healing that would overheall all the guild or a periodic healing, that even if a lil bit weaker would heal only players who lost hp?
  19. well, maybe add some HP for the healing totem?
  20. the main goal is that, but you need to understand this: when a priest gets controlled, he is turned into a dummy. When a xama is controlled he is still doing area debuffs and area healing... do you understand that? And its not a simple debuff or healing, both are massive. And the discussion is around how the healing totem may be working on a way that generates a imbalance of the game. Not that it heals too much, but how it is actually healing, cant be dispelled, cant kill it, there is northing that can be done to counter it.
  21. the subject is the healing totem, but not really its healing power, but the mechanic behind how it heals, that it cant be dispelled , and how it effects a massive fight when you use stacks and stacks of it.
  22. Yes, and after the next wave of damage or control he is dead. Not the case when you have 20 healing totems under you, as it was shown at the main video of the discussion.
  23. Just think this way ok? that the redemption would be a passive healing , the priest would ''buff it'' and after a few seconds it would apply around players of that area.(does not matter if he is silenced, stunned or even dead.) That is how the healing totem work, plus it only heals players who lost hp.
  24. yes they are.
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