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paladin light aura!!


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me and my friend talkin alot in game and we consider alot of builds and shits, but then i discover paladins aura increasing accuracy 12% and healing power 22% for the character (for me working with no any issue) and party members withit 7yards while is the skill active but that is not true the activeted skill shows up on party members but its actually doing nothing didnt raising up accuracy of party members and about healing power iam not sure but that skill is actually only for me... later i will upload screenshots if u not believe

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Thanks for bringing our attention to this, the skill description for the paladin aura will be changed to correctly state that the increased accuracy is only given to the character. Use this guide for more precise skill descriptions :


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The description of the skill is misleading and wrong and I don't know why they don't rephrase it yet. Yes, only the increase healing power is shared between team members while +12% accuracy buff is only to paladin.

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