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  1. Some class that already OP becoming more broken I don't know what to say.. but atleast Seekers now got a 3 seconds stun in dealing damage while in invisibility state + others buff.
  2. buy this three items on Us Sentinels side, pm me those who sell with prices thanks
  3. Nice, would be good this way whenever you guys release new expert skill, so that we can test each class new skill
  4. If you read and translate on their post on Russian forum they said there will be an exp given so that we can level up to the level you decided later, and price for obli books will be 1mc. Correct me if I'm wrong..
  5. Well pretty sure Seeker's ability to invisible will be useless in battle teritories due to lots of controling skills and skills that can detect their invisibilty on Legion side. Legion will win.
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