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History of Mecha (My RP thread), Episode 1


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This is where I will write and "roleplay" the history of my character, Mecha. All trolls and hateful comments will be ignored.


Long ago, in a planet galaxies away from planet Earth, there was a planet called Makiu. In this planet, there lived beings much stronger than any Earthling could ever hope to become. One day, a set of twins were born. The doctor in charge of the delivery turned to the parents.


Dr. Vint: "You guys sure picked a great day to have your babies. Its storming like there is no tomorrow."


The parents ignored the doctor's sarcastic remark about the weather. With a strange look on his face, the doctor looked at the parents.


Dr. Vint: "Hmm. I'm afraid we might have a bit of a problem."


Dad: "Wh-what is it?? What is wrong with our babies?!"


Dr. Vint: "Your boys seem to be in healthy condition. That is the least of your concerns."


Mom: "Then what is the problem?"


Dr. Vint: "I sense something odd about these boys. I'm going to have to run some tests to be sure. Your babies will have to stay here under our supervision for a few days, at the least."


Trusting that the doctor knows what is best, the parents left their babies at the hospital.


A few days later, the parents went back to the hospital.


Dad: "Hello doctor. How are our boys? What do the test results say?"


Dr. Vint: "Its quite complicated. The first child was born with white eyes and white hair, and his alignment is pure good. Not a bit of bad ki within him. But the second child, born with black eyes and black hair, his ki seems to be... pure evil."


Mom: "How can this be? How can a child be born with evil ki?!"


Dr. Vint: "Im afraid that is not all. They were both born with incredibly high power levels. They also seem to have the ability to change and manipulate air particles. When they grow older, they will be able to create thunderstorms that could tear the planet apart!"


Dad: "We want to see our boys! Where are they?"


Dr. Vint: "They are not here. By policies set by our planet ruler, we are forced to report any such suspicious births to him. His guards came last night and took them to his palace."


Mom: "What do you mean?! What does he want with our sons?!"


Dr. Vint: "That's something you will have to ask him yourself. I just follow orders and fulfill my duties. Now please, I have other matters to attend."


Angered and confused, the parents go to the palace to seek answers.


Dad: "Lord Beal, where are our sons? What do you want with them?"


Lord Beal: "Oh, so you must be the parents of those forsaken boys. Tough luck."


Mom: "What do you mean?"


Lord Beal: "Those boys are an abomination, and a threat to our civilization. I have no choice, I will have to put them down."


Furious and upset, the father charges at the ruler. Lord Beal, by simply raising one hand, stops him in his tracks.


Lord Beal: "Guards, remove these peasants from my palace, and dont ever allow them back in!"


Both parents are forced out of the palace by the guards.


Mom: "My love, what will we do now? We have to do something for our babies!"


Dad: "I know, dear. There is a rumor about an inter-galactic underground portal in the palace. I hear Lord Beal ordered his scientists to build it in order to invade other planets by surprise. We must sneak into the palace and escape this planet using that portal. Its our only chance."


Mom: "But how do we know if the rumors are true? And how can we be sure what is on the other side of the portal is safe?"


Dad: "We dont. But its our only hope, and our boys' only chance for survival."


The mother bows her head in sadness.


Later that night, both parents break into the palace through a hidden passage that is used to bring in weaponry and food for the palace.


Dad: "I will search for the boys. You should seek the way to the portal. And be careful."


They both part ways and sneak around the palace. After a while of searching, the father finds a chamber that has blood stains all over the floor. He looks around, and sees his sons sleeping in a cage. Luckily, he is able to break the lock with a hammer without making too much noise. He grabs his sons, and goes to find his wife. A few minutes after sneaking around, he and his wife find each other.


Mom: "Oh goodness, they are safe!"


She is filled with joy as she hugs them.


Dad: "Any luck finding that portal?"


Mom: "There is a passage next to Lord Beal's chamber with a staircase leading to the underground. That must be it, I'm almost certain of it!"


Dad: "We must go quickly, we dont have much time before we are found."


She leads him to the way to the stairs leading to the palace's underground chamber. They walk around what seems like a maze, and finally, they find the portal.


Mom: "Are you sure about his?"


Dad: "Its our only choice. Our boys will be killed if we stay here."


Guard: "There they are! They are going for the portal, get them!"


The father desperately rushes to the portal.


Dad: "We have been found, hurry!"


As the guards rush to them, both parents give each of their children a kiss on the forehead. Suddenly, a strange, silver-cloaked figure



Mysterious man: "Go and do it, what are you waiting for?"


The guards rush to them, and the mysterious man raises his hands in he air. A bright light blinds the guards, as the parents throw their children into the portal.


The mysterious man and the flash of light disappear, and the guards continue to rush towards them.


Dad: "We have to stop them or they will go in after our boys!"


He pulls out his hammer, which is nothing compared to the swords the guards are holding. Then the ruler of the planet appears.


Lord Beal: "Fools, what have you done? That portal isn't finished. There is no way back!"


Mom: "Lord Beal, please show mercy!"


Lord Beal: "Mercy?! After you have defied me?? Nonsense!"


Lord Beal walks towards them as his guards surround them. He pulls out his huge sword.


Lord Beal: "Its time to die!"


Without hesitation, Lord Beal slashes at the father's chest, blood gushes out from his torso. He falls to the ground, and looks at his wife.


Dad: "I love you, and I'm sorry..."




Lord Beal takes his sword and impales her, with an evil smile on his face.


Lord Beal: "Dispose of the bodies, throw them into the incinerator."


Guard: "Lord, what will we do about the young boys?"


Lord Beal: "Forget them. Even if they survive the trip, they will surely die of starvation. Nontheless, they are gone from here for good. Now, burn these bodies."


Guard: "Yes, my Lord."


To be continued

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Meanwhile, at planet Earth, an old woman picking berries in a forest, hears the voices of crying babies. She walks to the sound, and sees the two babies, lying on the ground.


Norma: "Oh my, what do we have here? Two naked boys out in the woods where they could be eaten by wolves... You two must be cold and hungry. Who would leave you out here like this? I better take you two home and feed you."


She dumps the berries on the ground, and puts the babies in her basket. She walks into her home, where her husband is sitting on the couch reading the newspaper.


Kibel: "Did you find anything good? I hope you got me some if those berries I like so much."


Norma: "I have found much more than just berries."


She shows him the basket, and the old man freezes in shock.


Kibel: "What is this? Who are these boys?"


Norma: "I found them in the woods all alone, crying and probably starving. Before we figure out what to do with them, I need to feed and clothe them."


The old man shakes his head.


Kibel: "Dear God. I send you out for berries and you come back with two babies."


Norma: "Oh, hush. No way I could've let two naked starving babies in the woods to be eaten by wolves. Fetch me something to clothe them with while I feed them."


Kibel: "Alright, alright. But I'm not changing any diapers!"


After a few weeks of taking care of the babies, the old couple grew attached to the babies, and since nobody in town claimed them, they decided they should keep the babies and raise them.


Norma: "Well, since these boys seem to have been abandoned by their parents, we should at least give them their names. They seem to be twins, and dark-haired seems to be most calm during the night. Let's name him Lunarmech. His brother seems to like the day time, he can be Solarmech."


Kibel: "Strange names, but at least you didnt name them after vegetables. Fine by me."


Years passed, and the boys grew bigger.


Lunarmech would always get into trouble at school. Picking fights, threatening other students and even the teachers. Meanwhile, Solarmech would always get bullied and picked on because of his strange hair and eye color, and because he was always calm and peaceful, making him an "easy target" to pick on. So their foster parents figured it would be best to home-school them.


Knowing that they were too old to be their parents, Kibel and Norma told them that they were their grandparents. But one day, Solarmech got curious, and started to ask questions.


Solarmech: "Grandma, Grandpa, where are our mommy and daddy? Why dont we have a mom and dad like all the other kids do?"


Kibel: "Uhmm..."


Norma: "Your parents are very very far away, and they can't be here with you boys. But I am sure you will see them some day."


Solarmech: "Oh... I hope that day comes soon."


Feeling sad, Solarmech went and got his toys and tried to go play with his brother. But Lunarmech never wanted to play with him. He would rather go to the outdoors, and torture bugs and insects to death. He enjoyed seeing blood, so much that it was almost like an addiction.


Once they reached the age of 16, their "grandparents" decided it was time for their boys to learn the truth about their real parents. But they themselves didnt know who or where their real parents were, or why they had abandoned them.


Norma: "Kids, we have to tell you something."


Solarmech: "What is it, Grandma?"


Lunarmech: "What is it now? I'm busy."


Kibel: "We are not really your grandparents. We adopted you when you two were babies. We don't know who or where your real parents are. We're sorry we had to keep this from you for so long."


Norma: "We do love you boys, and we want you to know the truth. We are going to take you to and old fortune teller so she can tell us who your parents are. You deserve to at least know the truth."


So they decided to go to an old fortune teller, an old witch who could answer any and all questions. Outside of her cabin, there was a sign that said "Fortune Teller Kugame - Only One visitor at a time, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO REFUNDS"


Norma: "Well, this is it. Let's go inside."


Kugame: "Welcome, hehe. I am Fortune Teller Kugame. My crystal ball shows me the present, the past and the future. And right now it's telling me you guys can't read."


Kibel: "Excuse me?"


Kugame: "One visitor at a time! Now who is first? The rest will have to wait outside."


Norma: "Well, Solarmech has always been a good boy, so we'll let him go first."


Solarmech: "Well thanks grandma!"


Solarmech had a big smile of happiness. Lunarmech got angry, as usual.


Lunarmech: "Why does he always get what he wants? It isn't fair!"


Norma: "If you were to behave good like your brother, you too would get rewarded for it."


Lunarmech: "Hm, whatever."


Inside, Solarmech sat in front of the desk with Kugame's crystal ball.


Kugame: "Now tell me, young boy. What do you wish to know? Hehe."


Solarmech: "Who are my real parents, and where are they?"


Kugame looks at her crystal ball.


Kugame: "Your parents... they are dead."


Frozen in shock, Solarmech begins to cry.


Solarmech: "Wh-what happened to them? How did they die?"


Kugame rubs the crystal ball.


Kugame: "Look into the ball, and you shall see for yourself."


Solarmech looks into the crystal ball, and sees the events that lead to his parents' death by the hands of Lord Beal.


Kugame: "I'm sorry that you had to find out like this but it looks like you are not even from this planet."


Solarmech, very confused, looks at the old witch.


Solarmech: "One more question, madam. Why is my brother so angry all the time, and why didnt he ever want to play with me?"


Kugame rubs the crystal ball again, and astounded, she looks at the boy in front of her.


Kugame: "He isn't your brother. He is... you."


To be continued

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