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Abut guild buy





I want to buy a guild. Im in the guild rigt now , everything set and ready .


1) The only way is to trust the guy, giv the gold , wait for transfer?


2) Is there any other way? If not , can admins or gms support this action?



Thanks  :bomb:

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1) If you trust him well well well, then go for it.


2) Ofc devs won't support it(sorry to say that devs, I don't like to enter in these things, but I must say it to the new kid and actually you know it's the truth), because they will win if you loss your operation, so you buy more MCoins if you're already a buyer or start buying MCoins to be the best if you're not a buyer or even leave the game as you did nothing in the whole game!


Feel free to ask anything else.


Good luck!

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Buying guilds is what we call a high risk situation that i would advise against. There is no safeguard for either party involved.

There are no in-game moderating staff to oversee such transactions, so you are alone in making such risky deals.

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