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crafting how to start



Need to know how to start crafting because I got crafting scrolls but it keeps telling me no free space so I don't no how to craft


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First of all this must be posted in Question & Answers.


And here are some possible answers,

-By 'no free space' they meant no space in you Craft Slots.


-And dont forget to redeem your craft reward after it shows "X craft job is done".Or it will show 'full' forever.


-You have just started it means you have only one Crafting slot for now.


-You can open more Crafting slots by leveling up in any craft profession.


-You can check this for detailed help, http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106536.0

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On 8/17/2014 at 10:52 PM, VrockS said:

-You can check this for detailed help, http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=106536.0.

Thanks for the suggestions. 

May you please share related topic in english language?

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To start crafting in a game, you typically need to follow these general steps: 
1. Access the crafting interface: Look for a crafting station or menu within the game. This might be a dedicated crafting table, workbench, or an option within a menu or inventory screen.
2. Gather crafting materials: Check your inventory for the required materials to craft the desired item. Crafting materials can include resources, ingredients, or specific items needed for the recipe.
3. Free up inventory space: If you're encountering a "no free space" message, it means that your inventory is full and cannot accommodate any new items. To create space, you can try the following:
- Discard or sell unwanted items: Get rid of any unnecessary items or equipment to free up space.
   - Store items in containers: If the game provides storage containers or chests, transfer some items into them temporarily to create space in your inventory.
   - Increase inventory capacity: Some games allow you to expand your inventory capacity through upgrades or purchasing additional slots. Check if this is an option within the game Flappy Bird.
4. Select the crafting recipe: Once you have the necessary materials and free inventory space, select the crafting recipe or item you want to craft from the crafting interface. This might involve clicking on the recipe, selecting it from a list, or dragging the materials onto the crafting interface.
5. Craft the item: Follow the prompts or instructions provided by the game to initiate the crafting process. This may involve confirming the recipe, waiting for a progress bar to complete, or performing specific actions.
6. Collect the crafted item: Once the crafting process is complete, the item should be added to your inventory or made available to you in some way. Check your inventory to find the newly crafted item.
Remember that the specific steps and interfaces may vary depending on the game you're playing. If you're encountering difficulties with a particular game, it may help to consult the in-game tutorial, game manual, or seek guidance from the game's community or support resources for detailed instructions tailored to that game.

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