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Question regarding Mana Regen System




I wanted to know how mana regen works inside battle. Does it get reduced to 50% of the overall value? or It reduces more
when we use the permanent skill?


Today I tested my seeker who is without any guild buffs. It has 62 mana regen that gets reduced to 31, which is totally fine. 

But, the problem is, after using permanent skills, mana regen becomes 41 which is cool. But upon entering battle, it comes to 12 instead of 20. 

So, my question is, do permanent skills reduce mana regen from total regen, or after reducing from total regen, it reduces mana regen more after entering battle? 




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Permanent skills will always reduce the amount prescribed even in battle.

Say you have 80, without a permanent skill, you would have 40 in battle. But now let's say you're using mermen gear. No battle would be 62, you would think that in battle you'd get 31 but in that case the mermen skill only consumed 9 points (40-31).

But what actually happens is that you would drop from 80 to 40 (in battle) then the mermen substract the mana regen, which makes you have 22 points, making it seem like battle is reducing more than 50%.

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56 minutes ago, Gladiator said:

making it seem like battle is reducing more than 50%.

Ok, now it all makes sense. Thank you. 

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