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Shiny and dripping with wealth


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Hello Warriors!

today I would like to introduce my beloved community, an idea.
It is associated with something that everyone loves, golden cloaks, sinister masks, captured trophies of wild animals, it is an inseparable element of every brave warrior - decorative elements



I would like to present concepts of modernizing both small and large bosses, adding an element to them that will flicker in the eye of every wanderer and will cause a greater desire to kill such monsters - skins

  • I attach graphics (of course, it should be adapted to the capabilities and style of warspear) that would be added as a loot from the Capitan Giant Octopus raid boss. 

Such decorative elements are an inseparable part of the game, after all, everyone wants to look powerful, everyone wants to give the impression of an invincible hero, it would significantly diversify the achievements of such bosses, obtaining rare powerful books is extremely rare, and the relics that are often obtained do not arouse much interest and excitement, such skins could be something in between. 

Let me know what you think about this idea, I encourage you to discuss it

octo staff.png

octo 2.png

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Ill totally love to have those :eeee: I understand getting drops from raids its not something that should be easy to obtain but the relics they drop... they usually just end either on npc or at guild's warehouse; so getting a skin from raids could be something cooler to get in between easy to get relics/craft item and something as amazing as books/costumes.

Love this idea! :little_kid1:

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