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  1. I understand that it's a mistake, kind of bug, but don't you think it's unfair that through no fault of ours we can't participate in the test ? At my place, for example, 2 main characters were removed, with others I can not enter the test, they are not even added to the test server. Feels im has been treated unfairly.
  2. I also agree, each class gets something but in return loses something else, if each class had twin skills and relics, the game would be even more linear and bland, and the repetition of activities is a problem of this game, class standardization, relics, skills for to such an extent would only make it worse. Which does not mean that we should not strive for a relative balance, the greater the variety of classes, the more difficult this balance is, it is not that simple, new classes have been released recently, let's give time to the developers
  3. Let's start with: you can't compare the sides of the conflict like that. There are too many classes in the game to do this, the paladin will otherwise be against the shaman, otherwise against the barbarian, and so on. Each class performs well or worse in certain situations, the point is that in the current meta (which is guild vs guild fights, side vs side) the elves perform much better, complement each other and perfectly connect, it's not 2012, no one care if the class is good in 1 vs 1 duels (for example to get the 80k boss) in the current `` meta '' counts classes with area damage, stuns, etc, and if we look at this aspect, the vast majority of area stuns on the legion's side it is placed in a warlock, where senntinels have it split down into classes: paladin, mage, druid, templar, beastmaster. Such an unequal division causes that in gvg, svs, the legion has much less crowd control skills (let's say for the sake of this example, each class is played by 100 players, so it is on the sentinnels side of 100 paladins, 100 templars, 100 druids and the legion's side of 100 warlocks , 100 hunters, 100 chieftain etc). Right now, at this top tier of competition, it's all about mermen gvg and raid bosses, these are gvg, svs activities. There is a reason why elves have more players on most servers, which deepens this disproportion (vicious circle), but I would abstain from the thesis that compared to the X class of sentinnels versus the X class of the legion, the sentinnels class will be stronger each time.
  4. Hello Warriors! today I would like to introduce my beloved community, an idea. It is associated with something that everyone loves, golden cloaks, sinister masks, captured trophies of wild animals, it is an inseparable element of every brave warrior - decorative elements. I would like to present concepts of modernizing both small and large bosses, adding an element to them that will flicker in the eye of every wanderer and will cause a greater desire to kill such monsters - skins I attach graphics (of course, it should be adapted to the capabilities and style of warspear) that would be added as a loot from the Capitan Giant Octopus raid boss. Such decorative elements are an inseparable part of the game, after all, everyone wants to look powerful, everyone wants to give the impression of an invincible hero, it would significantly diversify the achievements of such bosses, obtaining rare powerful books is extremely rare, and the relics that are often obtained do not arouse much interest and excitement, such skins could be something in between. Let me know what you think about this idea, I encourage you to discuss it
  5. Dear devs, there is bug with order to attack skill, if its used, after kill mob, there's no animation of mob dying, cant take drop from mob and had to relog. there how it looks Screenrecorder-2022-09-08-21-32-19-951.mp4
  6. Congratulations to the whole Aigrind team, they did a great job, I have one comment but not in this section, I put it in the bug section. Keep it that way, since the events are no longer a carbon copy of previous years' events, it is very pleasant to participate in them, I can not wait for the battle pass costume, Thanks a lot and have a nice day and a terrible hallowen
  7. you flew away well, +0 charmer would have a problem to kill a player quickly in pvp equipment +10, unless you never had a character with max resilience, let's fix one, charmer and his dogs are strong, too strong, just limit the limit to 2 during the arena fight, otherwise it will kill charmer as before
  8. he has not been in a weak position since he was elected, rn charmer is strong but anyway dont deserve on nerf, remember that elf have bd class, ranger, tempelar, druid
  9. Vampirism change gameplay a lot, since most of classes use it and can get over 25% + classes dmg output increase, all dgs/bosses can be doin easily without healer, and that reduces the usefulness and importance of healers (shaman, necromancer, priest, druid).
  10. Let's start with the fact that the developers have established a good balance of classes, there are classes that are clearly stronger to climb into the current state, but you start to locate yourself, you start to reckon with the fact that there will be a balance of classes, the problem should be addressed prominently and differentiate the world pve and pvp, at the moment I feel, necromancer deserve buff in terms of pvp as well as deathknight a paladin to the subject its hard , when he is alone he is easy target, but if he got teammate it is practically impossible to kill him and his partner (mainly thanks to scared shield) druid is strong and, hard to kill and a lot of stuns that can make permanent stunned. warlock lost a lot of quality by introducing resistance, was stun based, lost one attribute, and now dont work always. charmer and bladedancer, ranger are still very strong, Chieftain is just a solid class, they are better at pvp better in pve, but also there are worst. I understand all want the class that he play was best, but I don't think so if it's main idea of balancing classes.
  11. Book from Orci raid will increase time of this buffs? for example rouge buff ? additional skill points are a plus, the question of how much talents will cost, I am afraid that this is another player's money milker who, despite spending real cash, additionally have to spend a few hours a day on the game, the whole action is covered with a small convenience in the form of eq sets and improved trade, which should be introduced long ago. I am afraid that skill sets cannot be counted on, nor is there a balance of classes. waste of time and money.
  12. Hello As an introduction, let me start by saying that a lot of new skills have appeared in the game over the years, currently we already have 14 of them per class, 5 basic and 9 expert. There is a lot of activity in the game, ranging from pve to pvp and gvg. I think that you could easily add (and this topic has already been discussed) the second set of skills, the other side, Taking into account how many activities there are, what the new classes look like (they are universal, they can be built for physical damage and magic, e.g. charmer, chieftain, tempelar, it doesn't sound like a nice option but as a necessity, the set could be changed, of course, outside of combat, no one can afford to change skills (399 mcoin or 18k) 2 times a day depending on the activity, the reset system would not change, the book of oblivion would continue to be used for this, the book could possibly be more expensive, e.g. 999 mocoin, because it would be used less often, and would only reset the selected set, a second book would be needed to reset the second, One side was enough when these skills were fewer, and there were fewer possibilities, it binds the hands of the player and in a way forces them to monotony. I think that adding this (also the second set for a quick equipment change, this topic is also on the forum) would be good for everyone.
  13. Good morning Maybe I will start with the fact that when I remember, I played healers, my adventure has been going on for several years (I mean healers, I mean druid, shaman, priest, necromancer) in the game, the variety of characters is large, at the beginning it might seem that the priest is an analogous class to necro, shaman to druid, only the skills differ slightly, initially this is how the similarities begin to blur, and it is known that the greater the variety, the harder it is to balance. Currently, out of these 4 classes, necromancer seems to be the weakest when it comes to pvp and maybe in pve, although its ailment is mainly visible in pvp, lately, thinking about what could be changed, I came up with a few ideas, we do not want to make necromancer a class that will beat everyone, because that would not be good, there should be some counter for each class. I will give my suggestions and try to somehow argue why such a change would be useful, I encourage you to discuss and share your thoughts. Lets start it! Infection: Now instead of lowering defense, the skill increases the damage received by the target by 10-12-15-18%. The effect lasts for X seconds, after this time, it exposes damage around it, additionally, after the explosion, it silences for X seconds (The skill has become more useful after the recent changes, but still feels deficient, necro has only 2 control skills, nightmares which is not stun but only long sleep, and fear, silence sound good, not aoe just for target who had infection, combo faithful + infection could work still, just need to set max amount of player affected we dont want make whole guild silence by 1 necro). Dark Power: Increased the buff to physical and magical power: from 5-7-10-15%, to 9-12-15-18%. Additionally, necromancer gets 3/6/9/12% penetration, team members get half the effect (or crit power instead of pene) Poisonous Shield: Now skill additionally, it increases the player's magic and physical defense by 10/20/30/40% ( Skill puts the necromancer or tank at risk, incorrectly used can cause trouble, increasing defense could reduce the risk) Deathly Eye Complete skill change, necromancer summons serpent that deals magic damage (Action like Water Elemental druid, you can prioritize what target to attack with Poison Spittle. (It used to be able to change the fate of the fight for world bosses, now it is on the sidelines, now it only serves to launch a relic that gives resist (which is also unbalanced that you can, with a bit of luck, have a resist every 2 seconds) It would give a bit of freshness, and certainly would match the necromancer profile that is the summoner).
  14. On the one hand, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but sometimes it is impossible to read the 'arguments' of some players, how can you write about the ranger buff, shaman nerf, elves can do everything that the mc class is only much better, it's bd which is the best pvp class at the moment, you will hit him for 400 he you for 1000, ranger who oneshoots casters, now got stuns, one of the better aoe skills, also pointless to compare ranger to shaman or barb, compare ranger to hunter, compare, seeker to rouge, warden to dk, pala to barb, druid to shaman, mage to chieftain, the greater the variety of classes, the harder it is to balance it, you have to understand it, while the results where in 90% of cases the elves win speak for themselves, someone will write that this is why that there are more players on the elf side, and for good reason it is a consequence of the fact that the elf classes are much better for the most part, the firstborn map was the simplest map, there were many factors which encouraged to play on the elf side, now any change that can bring a better balance is evil elf according to the players, winning is fun but in an equal fight, it is not the fun to defeat someone weaker ... elfs have classes who deal more dmg, heal more, tank better.
  15. I don't know if there is any point in discussing here, the elves have a pladin who has everything, jump - there is, aggro - even 2, heal - even 2, shield - is the strongest in the game, also has aoe cc, banner, warden? almost impossible to kill him, bd? class that can have 10k deff and deal damage like rouge, use dagger and have dmg like on axes, moreover, mage, full of aoe, druid, impossible to kill on castle pot, without that also hard, and you could mention that, most elf classes have shields, good aoe, stuns, even skill class passives, 4% damage, that's not enough? it's almost an additional accessory, there is no way to compare it to 2 mana regeneration points for forsaken, elf classes are able to do everything that mc classes do, only better times when mc had more aoe and stun are behind us a long time ago, the disparity of players between elf and mc did not arise without a reason, elves are stronger at the moment and it can be seen in every aspect of the game.
  16. yes it was needed, now what do you think abt build 4/4 fire totem, 4/4 tribe and 4/4 lshield or energy field ?
  17. the changes take place gradually, I understand that everyone wants his class to be the strongest, but let's be realistic, we got a finger so let's not throw ourselves at once, the changes are going in the right direction, I'm happy for charmer changes and energy manipulation change (skill was useless). Replacements as much as possible, ps. please do not write anything about the ranger buff because the amount of damage it can deal is huge and it is one of the stronger characters, the new skill is also strong, let's not exaggerate. Gj devz
  18. Hello When someone breaks into our account (e.g. via a keylogger) and removes the characters and the equipment on it, are there any options for recovering the equipment? is there a check of the location from which someone logged in and at what times, general support of a robbed player, finding the perpetrator? Can you set aside the diamond of secrecy what steps are taken in such a situation, can the player's support be counted, or is he left alone with this situation ? I invite you to discuss what do you think about the current system of conduct in such situations? (of course, i do not write about a situation where someone shares the account because then he risks himself) Have a good day all !
  19. The event is great, there is practically nothing to improve, from year to year you can see more and more commitment, creativity and artistry in events, unfortunately there is one thing that does not give me peace, it is very troublesome that in Dg after the death of the boss monsters do not die together with him, only nibble to the last seconds in dg.
  20. Have pity on the gm, they made a nice event they put a lot of work into it, if this post does not include 32 equipment and new skills, it means that their time has not come yet, patience, you cannot have everything at once.
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