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Hello my name is Savannah

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Welcome to warspear Savannah


My character name is Savannahmc the "Rogue" in EU-Emerald server(I think that its called "server"..idk..anyway)


Yeah it's called Server  ::)


I am posting this,becauss I need a budy for my "adventure" ;D.I've readed that I will have to do some really hard "quests" in order to reach the max level and I'll need help ;P.Please don't get me wrong I am not saying that I will need help for each quest,but I will need some help for the harder ones ;P


And yes, some of the quest will be too difficult to try alone, if u need help with any boss you can PM or add my necro Markohr and I help. Good luck  :clapping:
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Yep Galaxy+I will share it!

Galaxy:Do you need guild?

Savannah: No

Galaxy: b*tch!

Savannah: lol sad kid


And you are still trying to troll me or something....



Welcome to the game and to your first drama on forum ;D

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