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Improve effects sound


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This game is really bad in sounds

Same sound for all positive 

Same sound for almost all simple attacks


For example bd third skill i thought that 2 sword make a touch 

Dont you think it should sound like a sword?

Or chieftain heal. Bear sound ofc

Ship event last boss no sounds for bombs

Necro panic. Scary sound or screaming or something like these

Acid rain. Acid sound that burns something

Chieftains eagle. Eagles sound ofc not knock knock knock knock 

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Playing Dk and I can say that skill sounds are horrifying. All I hear is Clack, Swoop, swoosh, and other nonsense. Hence why I'm always playing on silent, except when I'm doing Tower of vraggins quest.

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I do agree. In my opinion arrows should sound like a bow or crossbow with the projectile sounding like it should hit say a watermelon. Swords should have a different sound than say axes or maces. It's not hard to get these sounds tbh 




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