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  1. Why not just separate the percentages and parameters of skills for pvp and pve. For easier balancing. Like tank merman set first skill 3% dmg reduction vs monsters and 2% vs players but for all parameters stun time, dmg, armor reduction,...
  2. A disposable relic if activated at the beginning of the combat with full hp enemy otherwise useless. only useful for high hp enemies without mobs to take the effect. Now imagine main target has taken the effect - - - > in 20 sec It makes all the dmg you do worthless before the effect and during it Or the hp is less than 85% and uselessness And in pvp scenarios almost useless too imo I suggest you change the affected hp from max to current and reducing the percentage from 5% to 3% for every 4s and the effect time from 20s to 16s and make the lost hp unrecoverable for the duration of the effect +4s Example: 500k max hp target with 350k current hp at the end of hp reduction effect 350-31.5k=318.5k hp and max recoverable hp is 500-31.5k=468.5k
  3. I think it would be better to add this stun chance to frenzy instead I agree that thrashing almost useless for tanks hybrids and specially staff users. I suggest to change this skill. a hammer throwing skill that dmg and stun main target(phys dmg) and with a chance(70% maybe) to stun and dmg enemies 1 block around it(magic dmg). 70% dmg for non-stunned enemies.
  4. Mjtov

    Battle modes

    Add Battle modes for characters that players can switch between th Offensive mode: (contains 2 modes) automatically character targets nearest low/high hp enemy Defensive mode: only if enemy targets you the character will targets him Note you can switch to normal mode by tap again on activated mode And a lock on target button. With locking on a target you will not lose your target by using aoe skills or any You can atk others but when you are not giving any commands to the character he will targets the locked one Obviously these are only when your names frame flashes red And these are useful for when it is crowded It takes time to find a target when it is crowded and when you are using aoe skill or anything target is lost and the problem is repeated Sorry for my weak English
  5. No at all i cant Yea this is the problem that tell me incorrect pass or login I changed it 5 times which one? I tested the current and previous ones And for talents update same problem that i made a topic on sup page
  6. For 12 sec that is spent under stun often (pvp) not more and 24 sec ez target nice to meet you bye I can also say that all classes should be nerfed except my class without any reason and logic just because I say right. Where is the reason? Prove that you are right. Im talking with logic and fact
  7. Its not survival game and the point is not to run through without dying I didnt say that. All debuffs are effective but some less some more You are talking about chieftain heal that total false imo Melee classes need at least one stun to get a chance but not infinite like druids and BDs
  8. Ask BDs Seekers and Druids and other high controls I only can say lol About heal total false and rugged hide 12 sec at 4/4 for a low defense class Others dmg classes stun medium defense and more defensive skills You dont want balance you want your class to be stronger For nonsense dmg lol is enough Anti stun buff removal if you are able to use the skill not when other class bullying you with theirs control and its not for infinite time Keep running?! Sry i forgot Olympics yea always chieftains winning No one make it 5/5. 3/5 max with the skill high cd no problems around it Chieftain is low control class so one or two stuns. for now he is 0.2 only for slows With magic build you talking about we will have useless wolf and frenzy and bleeding dmg and other skill that gives atk speed Better idea atk a BD without any skill only heavy armors Class with clothes and no solid skills? For 12 sec? Its not even stun you can atk Other classes can stun you more than time of this skill and lower cd that you cant do any thing only watch to rip I dont think you are serious guys lol
  9. Chieftain!? Lol The one of classes that need to get buffed in terms of control Imo seeker mage bd ranger druid nerf. paladin templar pvp nerf pve buff. Charmer nerf. necro rogue dk buff. warlock balance.
  10. Mjtov

    Quests bonus

    Yea for the more than one pt problem its good idea but not for soloing Your idea + mine will do the work imo
  11. Mjtov

    Quests bonus

    Only members who are in the location at the time of quest completion will receive the bonus not otherwise As our friend said
  12. Mjtov

    Quests bonus

    Everyone saw people who do quests solo like 8090200k and make a group of 5 people wait 15 min at its best 30-60 min average because it is not profitable for them to form a party and waste time. So add a bonus for higher number parties 2 members low bonus and 5 highest bonus Bonus on exp gold knowledge (additional knowledge doesnt counted with main knowledge for limit to make max lvls interested too but balanced amount) and...
  13. Reduce heroic difficulty of dgs repu requirements to 3600 or lesser Now mythical difficulty taking last place so i think its better make it requires less repu
  14. Yeah. This is not a beethoven song just simple sounds
  15. This game is really bad in sounds Same sound for all positive Same sound for almost all simple attacks And... For example bd third skill i thought that 2 sword make a touch Dont you think it should sound like a sword? Or chieftain heal. Bear sound ofc Ship event last boss no sounds for bombs Necro panic. Scary sound or screaming or something like these Acid rain. Acid sound that burns something Chieftains eagle. Eagles sound ofc not knock knock knock knock
  16. A simple suggest Make maxed skills have exclusive visual effect For example necro shield at max lv with golden bones or idk with green flame Or chieftain eagle make the eagles Phoenixes Or dk shield a dark angel came down and close the wings around him It can be better than my examples Includes Experts too
  17. First of all rewards received after quest completion its like dynamic quest of t5 enter the party with quester you will get it and disappear when leaving. The helper will complete his task when the quester has received the quest reward and its for a few bosses and dgs with main quest
  18. Yea with a little help like a minion or pots that previous quest gives but now they know dg mechanisms and style of it. so its easier for quest +learning I said balanced like normal players not op not weak if they dont receive heal they will die and for tank like this no aggro teammates will die
  19. I talking about coach Teamplay will be destroyed with a little help? The 'AI' is only for ez mode of dgs with main quest (TT. RG. BG.) that can be changed with gifts for who will help like repu or knowledge or something else
  20. Mjtov

    Map Marking

    I dont talking about teammates place A mark that members can put on map visible for other members like a flag with different colors depending on every member Each member only one flag To mark bosses you need or the way or a place you asked get marked in 5 sec invite mark open the map done And special marks for hiers and leaders of guild to say gather here or this way This with number limit too
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