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Well, let's go! to my point of view the enchanter class is very unbalanced, 1 charmer can summon up to 7 petes that in 2v2 arena is impossible for rivals to win. it still increases the problem when there are 2 charmers. is a total of 16x2.

1st suggestion

My suggestion is, put a limit and and summons to the charmer as a maximum 2 wolves or 1 wolf and a bird. however the wolf dies very easily and when he dies the charmer becomes a role. so you would put a limete of summons but it would reduce the skill's cooldown from 22 seconds to 15 seconds, so even the wolf dying the charmer could summon another quick to abuse the skill getting 8x1 (7" pets" and the charmer vs 1 rival)

2nd suggestion
or it would reduce to 20 seconds but the wolf would have the same physical defense as the character that summoned it so he wouldn't die not easy but the charmer wouldn't abuse the skill with 6 wolves or more

Charmer game and I know what I say!!! these adjustments would balance the class and no longer harm 2v2 or 3v3 arenas.

Think carefully!

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