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Level 2 Guild - Headlights


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Hello. My name is raveboy. I am the leader of the guild Headlights! We are lvl 2 since a few hours ago! Our guild has 4 heirs! 4 + 1 = 5. Including me, we hope to have a look on our guild: what happened there? Are the guys active? Nice to each other? Etc..


We want you to join our guild! Thats why I write this text. We invite all guys who are active + nice to each other and guys who can speak english! German is ok aswell. ( bin deutsch :) )



- Fatboslim

- Eqlipse

- Dirtyfox -TheCore guild! 3 times 3rd

In guild tournament!

- Kannagi


What we need?:

We need active guys!

We need guys who are able to get 500gp a week!

We need people who help other members if they need help!

We need guys of lvl 12+ ( maybe if you are really active, of lvl 2+ ;) )

Guys who are able to donate gold to our storage!


We want to study skills like knowledge, arena or defence skills!

So thats why we need the gold - Buy unity signs and gold for the skill studying aswell!


Big dream is to be in the top 3 of the tournament or be lvl 3 with this guild!


If you want to join our nice guild, write a comment or add me in Warspear and pm me if I am online!

We ask all members where they live and how old they are.



Be nice!

NO discrimination!

NO racism!

Dont steal from guild!


There are sometimes little awards for members who got 1000gp or more!

Check our guild message for news!


I ( we ) hope you guys know the headlights guild. We want to be a big guild with active and nice guys!

We also have a whatsapp group! If you are member, ask me or the heirs for inv!


Bye, Raveboy ( Paladin lvl 16 )

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