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Skill suggestions


Do you think Warspear online need new skills?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Warspear online need new skills?

    • Yes
    • Yes, but only passive
    • Yes, but no passives
    • No

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FIRE TOUCH-The mages hand goes on fire,making touching an selected enemy flying back a few yards.The selected enemy gets stunned,and cant move.This stun also does damage.

NOTE:The mage can use this skill on people who are right in front of the mage(or behind,or next)by 1 yard.


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All barbarian skill suggestion



-Knockback(passive) - chance stun for every attack to the target. chance of stun increase by level's skill :diablo:

-Shock stomp(Active) - with his rage, barbarian make powerfull stomp,  deal damage to all enemy who around him and stun  :diablo:


And the last


-Rage (Active) - Make enemy in area fear to see barbarian's face, and they run like a chicken



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EPIC PASSIVE Skill Suggestion For Shaman and Druid. Enough  active skills.




        --Every basic attack(excluding skills) by the shaman has a 'chance' to impress the loyal spirits of Mountain Clans to initiate a spiritual debuff on the target for that attack alone. The target will lose some percentages of his magical defence only for that lucky attack to deal extra damage.

        -- minus 10% magic def at lv1. Minus 5% more magic def per level up.




        --For Every skilled Attack on the Druid, there is a chance that the Dark Ents will spawn into action, Rooting down the attackers thus preventing them from using any other skill for the next 1.2 seconds

        --low chances of activation. Chances increase with level.

        --plus 0.3secs per level.


I'll think of some for other classes. :)

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Oh,here is a perfect one-


The mage throws a nuclear bunny,and destroying everything.


COOLDOWN-0.1 Seconds

RANGE-Anywhere on the map.

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