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PvE Rogue Skill Build after latest Changes

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As you all know, with the last update there were changes to some skill mechanics. I'm looking for a skill build primariliy focused on PvE, but I don't want to completely suck at PvP either. Currently I'm running 5/5 stealth and merci with 3/5 gouge. 4/4 on jump, exter and poison. 


Was anyone able to test the new mechanics already? Is it worth to go 4/4 on Frenzy with the new update? What skill build are you currently using?


For reference: I'm running attack speed/crit build with life steal accessories and enchants and halloween wpn.

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This was a question that many rogue players asked for a while and after some tests I can tell you that Frenzy is still not a good skill to put 4/4 on because of its very short duration. (One way to change this would be to increase the skill duration depending on the level but this is not the place to talk about)
I recommend using the Elusive Jump 3/4, Extermination 4/4 and Trickiest Techinique 4/4 for greater damage.
The basic skills are up to you.

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