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Quick help!



Hi guys, i haven't played for a year now and im thinking of starting again, just need to know where do i go to level up from 18.Had no luck getting an answer from ingame chat. thnx in advance.

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1 more thing i have these old items beringer's set, twisted stave and other  lvl 13 purple items on my druid should i be upgrading them or are there better items i can get? if so where/ how can i get them?

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Yup there are better items, but it also depends on your druids level. The best staff that is easy to get would be a lvl 15/17 arena one. I'd suggest just skipping the lvl 15 and getting the lvl 17 instead. The arena shop has good arena gear that have resilience(wonderful and useful stat to have), crit(also useful) and for any staff user class, moon/sun/dark magic in the gloves and armor.


However arena gear do take some time to obtain because of their prices. You can get a bg lvl 15 staff in the mean time, or just skip them till you get the lvl 17 arena staff.


If you are lucky and rich, get a sceptor of sudden doom, which can be hunted for at eye(boss in lab) buying from other players(costs about 1mil+) or being super lucky at norlant swamps (yea, this one will have a higher chance of getting than the rest)


So now you know the staff to get, we move on to gear. The lvl 17 abyss cape with moon+astral magic is good and cheap. There is also a lvl 15 cape, but that's more expensive because its harder to get.

Lvl 18 amulet with moon+astral+hp+mana is the current best. If you have completed chainless league, you can get the lvl 15 one instead if your poor. Its about 3-5 times cheaper, depending on who's selling the lvl 18 amulet.

Best rings would be lvl 15 rings from aa(animated armor). However those cost a pretty peny, so getting abyss lvl 17 rings would do. Mixing 1 moon and astral one if you want a higher heal, for hunts, full astral, and for daily quests go full moon.



For gear, many people use arena armors, however you can get a full bg set, if you completed cl and buy the gloves and boots. They give 2 stat bonuses when they're a complete set. There's also the lvl 18 gear like guiding thread(astral) and violent storm(moon). You can mix up 2 pieces of guiding thread to get the hp bonus. However the guiding thread can be rather pricey compared to violent storm. (Vs armor doesn't give hp, just accuracy, mana, moon. only the shoes give 100+hp) if you want to hunt in the inner parts of lab. Having the lvl 17 armor with dark defense is essential. Go for the astral ones if you do, because you would normally be healing at lab.



For belts, a good moon belt will be the arena one. It gives hp,moon, resilience. For astral, get the lvl 17 one. I can't remember the name for that sorry.


Hope this helps, its not that great of a guide. But it will better than what you currently have.

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