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Here is my story.... hope u guys like it





"The war was going on!"says THE LITTLE WARRIOR'S mother. He always love to hear the story of the warriors of the IRSELNORT, "How they they fight with theirs enemies,sacrifices for the clan while defending the camp,unity,skills and tactics they used, etc". He lives at wolf's dale in hut near the windmill.The LITTLE WARRIOR'S father is now at the camp legion to defend it.His father is a great warrior who always ready to die for the clan.He has a big glowing axe with heavy armours and lots of healed wounds shows the fights with different types of monstors that lives in irselnort and newly find norlant swamp that describe the glories he achieved.Now, time is come for THE LITTLE WARRIOR. he always wants to be like his father and warriors of IRSELNORT. Theirs story motivate him always.Now,he have to sacrifice his plays with his dearest and sweetest bunny and toys because his clan is in danger now and he have to prepare for it. His eye's glowing as bright as not seen before.The excitment of first task,new friends,unknowing difficulties and others make him nervous but happy.That's feeling he never feels before.His mother is putting some ale's, boils eggs and some handful of gold in his bag and gives home made shield,armour and a copper axe made from an utensil. His mother kiss his forehead with tears in his eyes because she does not know when she again meat him or maybe not and says "GOOD LUCK! MY CHILD"with sob.



HE step out of the house with unbeatable feeling of self confidence...The outside weather is so cold,the mountains are covered with heavy snow, one can easily feels the moisture around it,this is common but today LITTLE WARRIOR feels something new like a new day,a new beginning of his life,the place is old but it seems to be new for him..After some walking distance,he saw an old man name KAGRETZU.It seems that old man is waiting for him.

He approaches the old man silently and says "GOOD MORNING!SIR"

The old man watched at him with a pleasant smile in his face


                                                                        THE End



the story signifies about those persons (little warrior)who comes first times in the warspear with a new char in moutain clan and how they feels and what they see in the warspear and warriors are those person who are of high level then him and how they do hard work to gather their experience to become a great warrior......

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