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where can i see award of the reputation of mermen



it is said player would get buff from reputation of mermen ,once i arrived 5k rep get my oxy bar  get to 17 from 15.

is there any way to know what buff can i get in different reputation period?

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Reputation bonuses

Please keep in mind that the bonuses for improving reputation with the Mermen slightly changed:


0 – 4999 reputation points – neutral:

- maximum amount of oxygen: 15 units

- movement speed underwater: 60% of base speed


5000 – 14999 reputation points – friendly:

- maximum amount of oxygen: 17 units

- movement speed underwater: 70% of base speed


15000 – 34999 reputation points – respected:

- maximum amount of oxygen: 19 units

- movement speed underwater: 80% of base speed


35000 reputation points – venerated:

- maximum amount of oxygen: 22 units

- movement speed underwater: base speed

Hope that will help you :drinks:

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