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Guild system for perfect mmo


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Perfect guild system from professional mmo

1. Guild reward; include gold, dropped items, guild points/medals

2. Guild war; in new PVP island all players of factions can't attack other factions but when commander inviting another guild commander will be fight mode, name of opponent guild members will be auto changed its color, Guild commander with a crown icon instead of guild name is the only one who able to manage looting/bonus, kicking and inviting.

3. Guild depot/bank; all reward like gold and dropped items will be stored on guild depot, and only commander can manage who can access, taking, storing and limitations.

4. Guild chat; include war info, when guild member in fighting with opponent guild during or after, will show info about war, lost/victory and rewards will be shown on guild chat

5. Guild rank, guild board; new NPC to inform about TOP guild, create guild and guild board is open guild (guild lists) for everyone who wants join without getting invited by commander guild but still need item to join the guild

6. Schedule event; new feature in guild menu by adding schedule event like war approvement, questing etc.

I hope warspear will be like this guild system

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