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missing nadir as center of attention


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Yo GM.. listen man i kinda miss nadir as the center of attention :( so i came up with a randumb idea or however u wana call it :wacko: lolz.. but anyways.. im idea was to have a seperate trade market which is only based in nadir and this market should allow both sides to interact (mc, forsaken ←→ fb, chosens) with trading but through the market  :good:


But anyways it was just a thought  :pleasantry:

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This was my suggest on cross faction trading  ( LINK: The Black market dealer. ), but i like your idea as well. It makes sense.. a neutral city with a neutral market... perfect.  :)



Place this in the suggestion section of forum.. or better yet ill quote this and add it to my suggest and add a new poll option.  :)

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