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Found 16 results

  1. Moraktar, mapa iniciante dos proscritos. Decidi fazer esse guia pois o mapa inicial dos proscritos pode ser um pesadelo para muitos iniciantes. Nele você encontrará todas as missões de Moraktar, exceto algumas poucas que são muito simples. Clique em "View hidden content" para expandir as missões e seus objetivos = Missões = Objetivos das missões Primeira cidade (T1) - Casa do Sangue NPC: Donkor NPC: Roberto NPC: Estalajadeiro Renan NPC: Barakka, O mestre de cerimônias NPC: Frederico NPC: Timoneiro André NPC: Taxidermista Natan NPC: Bruxo bêbado NPC: Estalajadeiro Maurício Segunda cidade (T2) - Casa do Glad NPC: Vigia William NPC: Mora NPC: intendente NPC: Keb-Sia NPC: Vigia do Mortário Terceira cidade (T3) - Casa da Ruína NPC: Galério NPC: Mariano NPC: Eugênia NPC: Douglas NPC: Iago NPC: Capitão Arnoldo Quarta cidade (T4) - Casa da Ira NPC: Porta-Estandarte Bin NPC: Cabo Quevedo NPC: Arquiatra Hirug NPC: Centurião Randolfo Quinta cidade (T5) - Casa das cinzas NPC: Draidmor NPC: Kaleba NPC: Origiza NPC: Skelad NPC: Interrogador Sexta cidade (T6) - Casa da Escuridão NPC: Ávila NPC: Benedito NPC: Ishkur
  2. Hola a todos y bienvenidos a mi primer post, bueno me gustaría ayudaros a todos los novatos que estan empezando Warspear Online. Bueno, lo primero warspear online es un juego mmorpg free to play para todos los dispositivo. AL GRANO: Si estas atascado en alguna mision contacta conmigo y te ayudaré. EU-EMERALD. Borjadmg.
  3. an item in my bag, which doesn't come out the same way when completing a mission or canceling
  4. help me I was delivering the missions of t4 and when it reached 4999 reputation I delivered more missions and did not want to increase to 5k please help me.
  5. The lives of the T4 of map 4 take a long time to reappear, this ends up taking a lot of game time, in a big server like the game that every hour has players doing missions and waiting 15 minutes to be able to perform a single mission is something very complicated. I had to spend more than two hours doing only a few T4 missions !! It's a lot of time to do little, you could reduce the time of reappearance of lives. Thank you. Good work for you.
  6. the only quest I havnt done is astral labyrinth so pls help me I want to lvl up to my druid up
  7. Obladi

    Help quest

    Please i dont know how to finish garden queast , i've already spam this quest like 2 month but no one seems want to help me , right now im getting bored with this game,, can somebody out there can help me finish this quest? Im playing warden
  8. Oq posso fazer com uma pessoa q ta farm e n deixa quest?
  9. Morning players, i was messing arround norlant as I do everyday, and found this way to (almost) break the game a lil bit. I did not used to do aqueducts, i started to fully complete it some days ago, and then i noticed a thing. You can do the quest, kill the bosses, get the itens (you even have a chance to get good items). The catch is here, before you report the quest, you cancel it. But why would i cancel a finished quest wyrmy? Now you take it again, and to it again, get the itens again, how many times you want to it! You can do the kill up to 5 mini bosses each time, each one dropping pots, scrolls, and even itens. Idk if someone noticed it before, probs yes, and maybe aigrind fix it (or not, they never fixed the stealth bug i reported on rogue).
  10. So, I killed this level 28 bd during the war and didn't advance in the quest Restless Sentinels (kill 20 Sents of lv 26 or higher). I still have 6/20, and it's been that way since last summer. Is this a bug or is there some hidden requirement I am not aware of?
  11. Hello there! I'm a level 16 Ranger,playing in EU - Emerald that needs help with Shadows of Berengar Quest and i can't complete it alone. If someone can help me, please comment or pm me in game !
  12. In this quest the player is asked to kill 12 priests and collect 4 masks from them, then throw the masks in a pit and kill the high priest that appears. I tried to do this quest a few months ago but was killed. Now that I had better equipment and a minion to waste, I decided to try again. Except this time when I threw the masks into the pit, no one came out. I tried it again but the result was the same. The minion I decided to waste was literally wasted.
  13. Alguem pode me dizer como faço a quest 'A new enemy' no Lab. Astral? Obg!
  14. I have a shaman lvl26 Nhkomaiha, i've done all yellow quests in map2 and map1, and didn't get the quest of the new smilie which i think is "Valor of Mountain Clans". I have a rogue lvl15 too, i got the quest and got the smilie ! I'm checking all maps and everything! I didn't get the quest! I asked my friend too he is lvl26 shaman, didnt get the quest too
  15. I'm very stuck in my Chosen game. I'm trying to finish the Medicine and Blood quest to no avail. I've killed everyone in the cave and have found absolutely nothing... The dead deserters have nothing relevant on them and I can't open the chest there either. Please help someone!
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