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    Help quest

    Please i dont know how to finish garden queast , i've already spam this quest like 2 month but no one seems want to help me , right now im getting bored with this game,, can somebody out there can help me finish this quest? Im playing warden
  2. Yeah i get the point,, steel huricane perhaps steal more hp than sharp shadow,, btw i have total 42,1 lifesteal stats,, anyway thank u so much.. But u know, how expensive the phsy accespries,, i only have total 350 phys dmg.. Is it good for hurricane?
  3. Ehh, i think i miss somthin,, i just know that sharp shadow can steal health if we add saturation in it. If we have 3/4 satu+ 3/4sharp( replacing steel huricane) and magic dmg arround 230 ( common m dmg for dk with all magic acce, and magic mace) would that combination of that skill will stealh so much hp? I hope both of u or anyone know about mecnism of dk can give me proper answer,, cause i dont have so much money to spend. Thanks
  4. Yea, i think it would be nice , so last question, can u suggest me some dk magic skill build? dk magic good? Cs dk has many skill that rely on magic dmg..
  5. I have question again for this bro, is it good enough to build saturation n secret reserves at the same time, i have some horror accesories with hp regen on it.. And can u suggest magic dk build bro? Ty
  6. I mean , have u ever got lack of mana regen when spamming skill? With mana regen on belt and both rings?
  7. About this, its very hard n expensive to get cape espescially with mana regenetation, n golden dawn boot too. My question isn, If we dont have both of it( mana regen on boot n cape) . Does dk will get lack of mana regen when doing dg or killing boss? Ty. Wish somebody whoever tried could tell me about this
  8. Bro, u just lvl 20, its easy for charmer to get pt, try go Max lvl,, u will see why ita not working in pve..ur dog doesnt deal much dmg , ur heal depends on bird,, bird can die easily. Depends on ur skill build ur dark prism1/5 will deal very low dmg, same as otherwordly fire n u need to compare how awsome hunter n rogue at high lvl who can deal 500-900 phys attack, for now u cant be dmger class , Never .. No ofend
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