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Found 6 results

  1. The Master Paladin Comprehensive Guide By Gladiator - US Sapphire !!!This guide is up-to-date as of Warspear Version v12.1.0!!! Table of content: I. Introduction II. Novice Paladins III. General Skill Tips IV. Relics V. Builds 1. Tank Paladin 1.1. Solo Tank 1.2. All-Round Party Tank 2. Hybrid Paladin 2.1. Support/Damage Hybrid - The META 2.2. Crowd Control Master 2.3. The Ultimate PvE Paladin (Spoiler Alert: Spear!) 3. Arena Paladin 3.1. The One True PvP Build 3.2. Master of Duels - 1v1 VI. Talent Branches VII. Summary I. Introduction II. Novice Paladins III. General Skill Tips IV. Relics V. Builds VI. Talent Branches VII. Summary
  2. New Discord server for the Realm of US Sapphire. My discord Username and digits are AscLuna#4902. We welcome all sorts of players wether it be new or old. https://discordapp.com/invite/nHVeT7k
  3. When i use red item gears FULLSET DARK SKIES ITS ONLY GIVE MAX HP IT HALF ,257x4 =1k+maxhp , but its only give me 500maxhp ????? What wrong ,., it is an bug??
  4. IrishBoar


    Hello, So I was playing against some mobs that are able to hover, and I notice that players spend lots of gold and/or miracle coins on vanity items. So I am wondering if wings could become a thing? Maybe as an attachment to capes? (With an option to show or hide it when a costume is equipped) So the basic idea is vanity-only, however, I have other suggestions that could branch out the idea: The wings could include a new skill, 'hover', which drains energy over time (like with skills that hunters and seekers have). The energy use should be low, like 1 or 2 mana per second. So now you have the ability to activate and deactivate flying, and I was thinking it would be interesting if wings had two sets of stats. One when flying and one when dormant. When flying: increased movement speed, higher dodge rate, lower accuracy(for ranged attacks), higher damage(for magical attacks), chance of unintentionally going of course when attacked (as you are less stable in the air) On the ground: Better defense (physical and magical) Slower movement speed (wings are heavy) Higger block rate Chance of a 'wing-slap', damaging enemies who attack behind you. These are just some extra suggestions I added to make the idea more "whole". Clearly, the idea needs some cleaning up and any suggestions would be very welcome! Also, I realise the format might be a bit messy but I am not sure how I should restructure. I think you will get the idea tho. 🙂 p.s. The wings would not have ALL the skills I have suggested on each pair, rather it would be like other gears where only a few of the available stats are on them.
  5. Hello i believe i deserve a drop,from lower lvl bosses. Im lvl 28 and i cant farm islenort bosses to make quick gold. Im EXTREMELY TIRED OF PAYING FOR MCOIN
  6. my names yihar ima level 19 rogue. im a player who dedicates time to helping low levels or newbies/noobs or players who are just new at all. if u get stuck on a quest or u need help. this thread is meant to have comments from both players who wish to help noobs and comments from actual noobs themselves who really do need help.
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