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Found 5 results

  1. Um dos assuntos mais discutido nos ultimos dias é sobre o Vampirismo que de certa forma desbalanceou o jogo, fazendo com que algumas classes ficassem dispensáveis nas masmorras, os Healers em particular. Uma solução seria limitar o atributo Vampirismo ou limitar somente nas masmorras, porém é uma mudança delicada tendo em vista a grande quantidade de players que investiram pesado em sets full vamp. Eis que tenho uma solução que acredito ser bastante interessante e traria até benefícios ao jogo já que o Warspear prioriza o jogo coletivo. Uma "party" geralmente consiste em:
  2. Warspear online holiday events have been a huge thing for quite some time. Issuing new equipment,temporary dungeons and so on. Holiday dungeons were altered over the years to give players another challenging experience while pursuing the final boss and his loot chest. Now instead of just fighting through hordes of monsters now you have to solve a few math quizzes,uncover the secrets of the universe and break into the NASA website before reaching final boss. Jokes aside,what is this? When player goes to dungeon,it expects guardians who it has to kill, not waste it's time and ener
  3. I play charmer on server tourmaline, I currently have some lvl 26 + 10 improved craft items, and even then I still do not see the charmer being a good support or dmg for a dungeon, It's really sad that you have to listen to the same question every day, '' What do you do in a group? '' and in the end I can not say the answer to the right, because the dmg is not equivalent to that of a dmg class, and its usefulness as a support is not as good as that of a shaman or necromancer. so I've come up with a few tweaks on the charmer's current skills targeting just the pve, and team fights,
  4. Define me luck please. Me and my brother went to dungeon in total of 130 times. Both of us got a drop, a few essences, but the rest... crap. However, one of my friends went to dungeon only 2 times, and he got drop on both(!). He has pretty much luck, but it really made me think. We go to dungeon to profit from it. Well, let's calculate. Spending on 24 staminas counting with 5 500 gold each (this is the price we buy them for), is 132 000 gold. Plus a few sets of healing potions (counting only the used), is about 8 000 plus. Thats 140 000 gold. Now, what we got: A shield skin and a two-handed
  5. First things first Events need to be released sooner This halloween last halloween and this christmas have been ridiculiously cut close and rushed my suggestion is 6 months after an event is done at max make the new event and wait 15 days before the holiday to release it. you planned ayivondil arena rewards updates why not plan big events we all look forward too its not because im impatient it ruins the purpose if it comes out right before holiday *Christmas eve last year* we want the holidays to get pumped up for the real thing and on that day you should double Dr aswell. Christmas hallowee
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