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Found 5 results

  1. Um dos assuntos mais discutido nos ultimos dias é sobre o Vampirismo que de certa forma desbalanceou o jogo, fazendo com que algumas classes ficassem dispensáveis nas masmorras, os Healers em particular. Uma solução seria limitar o atributo Vampirismo ou limitar somente nas masmorras, porém é uma mudança delicada tendo em vista a grande quantidade de players que investiram pesado em sets full vamp. Eis que tenho uma solução que acredito ser bastante interessante e traria até benefícios ao jogo já que o Warspear prioriza o jogo coletivo. Uma "party" geralmente consiste em: 2 dmgs 2 Suportes 1 Tank Minha sugestão seria criar uma regra exclusiva para formação de pt's nas Masmorras. Um pré-requisito no qual o grupo deveria conter pelo menos 1 personagem de cada classe. Pré-Requisito Masmorras 2 dmg 1 suporte 1 healer 1 tank Para tal formação ser possível, seria preciso categorizar cada personagem em sua classe "principal", pois alguns tem mais de uma função no jogo. Categorias Dano Healer Suporte Tank Categorização das Classes Legião Bárbaro: Dano / Tank Ladino: Dano Xamã: Healer / Suporte Caçador: Dano Cacique: Dano Necromante: Suporte / Healer Bruxo: Dano Cavaleiro da Morte (DK): Tank Encantador: Suporte / Tank Sentinelas Dançarino da Lâmina: Dano / Tank Patrulheiro: Dano Druida: Healer / Suporte Guarda: Tank Paladino: Suporte / Tank Sacerdote: Suporte / Healer Mago: Dano Explorador: Dano Templário: Suporte Note que algumas classes possuem uma categoria principal e outra secundária. A categoria principal seria utilizada como pré-requisito para as Masmorras. Exemplo de pt formada para Masmorra Legião Caçador (Dano) Necromante ou Encantador (Suporte) Xamã (Healer) DK (Tank) Personagem de qualquer classe! Sentinela Mago (Dano) Sacerdote, Paladino ou Templário (Suporte) Druida (Healer) Guarda (Tank) Personagem de qualquer classe! Sugestão absurda! Será? Ano passado em um jogo bastante popular de outro segmento, por uma temporada quase inteira do competitivo, os players profissionais criaram uma situação inusitada que prejudicou o uso de algumas classes nas partidas. Apelidado de "GOAT", a pt de seis jogadores eram compostas por 3 Tanks e 3 Suportes, deixando os dmgs adversários em uma situação bem complicada para derrubar uma comp tão forte no sistema defensivo. Aos poucos, a formação GOATS foi tomando conta do jogo e classes de dano deixadas de lado. A solução encontrada? Foi criado uma regra no matchmaking, "2-2-2", onde obrigatoriamente a equipe teria que conter 2 dmg, 2 suportes e 2 tanks, englobando assim as três classes presentes no jogo. Dessa maneira, nenhuma classe fica de fora nas partidas e todas devem ser usadas em sincronia para obter a vitória! Minha sugestão é baseada nessa experiência, no qual eu achei bem interessante e ajudou bastante o jogo mencionado, trazendo assim um engajamento melhor entre as classes e a importância de cada uma na pt. Sei que a sugestão não cairia no agrado de todos os jogadores de um servidor, porém iria trazer um melhor engajamento das classes nas masmorras, não ficando nenhuma obsoleta como estão os healers atualmente. O objetivo de criar algo que mencionei acima é trazer de volta a importância de cada personagem no jogo para participação em Masmorras, criando assim um melhor engajamento no jogo coletivo.
  2. Warspear online holiday events have been a huge thing for quite some time. Issuing new equipment,temporary dungeons and so on. Holiday dungeons were altered over the years to give players another challenging experience while pursuing the final boss and his loot chest. Now instead of just fighting through hordes of monsters now you have to solve a few math quizzes,uncover the secrets of the universe and break into the NASA website before reaching final boss. Jokes aside,what is this? When player goes to dungeon,it expects guardians who it has to kill, not waste it's time and energy solving some meaningless puzzle. (That's me at least) What happened to simplicity? In the next few years are we gonna have to expect everything I jokingly mentioned above? Unique doesn't mean it's useful or fun. If you're reading this,thank you.
  3. I play charmer on server tourmaline, I currently have some lvl 26 + 10 improved craft items, and even then I still do not see the charmer being a good support or dmg for a dungeon, It's really sad that you have to listen to the same question every day, '' What do you do in a group? '' and in the end I can not say the answer to the right, because the dmg is not equivalent to that of a dmg class, and its usefulness as a support is not as good as that of a shaman or necromancer. so I've come up with a few tweaks on the charmer's current skills targeting just the pve, and team fights, like guild castles. dark prism- if the charmer or his party members are attacked by enemies, there is a chance that dark prism will fail on them too. (it would be the same effect as harad's tear, this would help a lot in dungeons like TP, garden, kronus, tree, and would also be very useful in team fights, for example guild battles). call- The wolf of darkness is a somewhat random skill, sometimes it is well used, but most of the time it is an inutiu ability, both for his lowly life, so much for his phallus to attack any target. the evocation form of the wolf of darkness would change, from throwing it into an area for over a player. summon to wolf of the darkness in the character our an ally for x seconds. the wolf deal a physical damage to the enemy, would work the same way as the bird of the night, and now the wolf of darkness applies area damage around the enemy he is attacking every 3 attacks, also the basic attributes of the wolf would be improved to match the attributes of the charmer, defense, life, of the charmer would be applied in a certain% to the wolf, so it would be more used in team fights like castles of guilds, for example my charmer has 5000 life points, my 5/5 call would have 3500 or more life, around 75% of the life of the charmer, with 5/5 ability the same would apply to damage, and resistance of the wolf . battle cure - I do not see this ability as a good time cure, but her total healing is really very low, it would be really interesting to increase the amount of healing it instantly provides, for at least 60% more of the current value, I I have 669 magical damage, lvl 27 and i heal only 468 i should heal at least 700+ instantly, and 289 per time, it's really a negligible value when the monsters deal 700 or more damage in the tanks, otherworldly blessing- is a good ability to support, however the charmer can only use this ability in itself, it would be interesting if the charmer could conjure this ability on allies. otherwordly fire- of an animation to this ability, it is really strange to see stones falling without you having made any movement: D eye of the darkness - this is a great ability to support, however its duration is very short, could increase the duration of this skill by about 40 or 50%, so it would make it much easier to attack or buff the team. chaos help - really the best charmer skill for pve, much used for both damage and healing, however, the bird's life is very low, and on top of that he needs to get melee to attack, improvement for him would be simple, life-enhancing, based on the life of the charmer, and the bird of the night, would attack at a distance, about 3 or 4 meters, thus preventing him from dying fast for attacks in area energy manipulation - really a poor skill, both for pve and pvp, it is of no use, the amount of mana absorbed is insignificant, and on top of that it does not work in a boss, it would be good if it were a passive skill, Each ATK has a chance to absorb energy from the enemy. also thought of a new skill that would be very useful in pve and team fights, besides that it would value the use of magically damaged apples, sanctuary outcast, the charmer creates a magical area around it, causing physical damage to enemies and healing allies, the damage is based on the physical power of the character, and healing on magical power. the area of the skill would be the same as that of the necromancer, and would be a skill in the activation, you active and it consumes mana periodically, making its effect permanent until you deactivate or finish your mana. I hope you understand, because I am not fluent in English, and I used google translator to translate the text, I hope some adm, or gm look and read and see that charmer is really a class that needs improvement to the pvm regards Rhaast, charmer lvl 27 sever br-tourmaline
  4. Define me luck please. Me and my brother went to dungeon in total of 130 times. Both of us got a drop, a few essences, but the rest... crap. However, one of my friends went to dungeon only 2 times, and he got drop on both(!). He has pretty much luck, but it really made me think. We go to dungeon to profit from it. Well, let's calculate. Spending on 24 staminas counting with 5 500 gold each (this is the price we buy them for), is 132 000 gold. Plus a few sets of healing potions (counting only the used), is about 8 000 plus. Thats 140 000 gold. Now, what we got: A shield skin and a two-handed weapon skin. I equipped the weapon skin, but let's count it in anyways. The shield worths 7 000, the other 12 000, the two [Energy essence]s 5 000 each, and two [Energy catalyst]s, each for 4 000. That's 37 000 gold, only the 26 percent of the spent amount. It is ABSOLUTELY not worth to spam a dungeon, I swear. Also with Wickedora's chest. It doesn't cost money, but does cost time. Much time. I collected 20 of it, opened them and okay, got 3 [Mithryl bar]s and 2 gold ones and 4 [Copper bar]s. The others were... All [blackberry potion]s. One of my other friends opened 1(!!!), and got [Night Owl] from it. Really am I this unlucky? Because for me it seems everyone else has much luck, except me.
  5. First things first Events need to be released sooner This halloween last halloween and this christmas have been ridiculiously cut close and rushed my suggestion is 6 months after an event is done at max make the new event and wait 15 days before the holiday to release it. you planned ayivondil arena rewards updates why not plan big events we all look forward too its not because im impatient it ruins the purpose if it comes out right before holiday *Christmas eve last year* we want the holidays to get pumped up for the real thing and on that day you should double Dr aswell. Christmas halloween the summer spring events those are nice but those are fine as are. Dungeons/Bosses I love how you guys do dungeons and bosses of this event are cool and everything but heres the main problem of them and some good points aswell for you to approve on in the future from a fellow player to Dev. -Make bosses killable by one party of Min +5 of that level. -Make the bosses drops worthy to farm for!!!! All bosses in this event besides joker for high levels drops Crap bars and freakin masks with 3 stats make them drop 4 stat armor with bonuses and include them for all levels and lower dr -make for lv6 and 10 -Make drop personal items with High Dr like Winter 2013 (Bosses) -Make dungeons so u dnt run around across the entire map make straight forward. Costumes. Make More personal cc costumes that idea is genius and helpful to all struggling players Make Gifts Worthwhile 5 chests 5 life scrolls and 5 tele scrolls variants of each etc USE FULL Items. Ride tickets... Suck the idea you had was great but all the items are way way way over priced and need to be low like 200 for a 1h skin and be personal not 2000 tokens in general. Make Bows Freakin Useful. I made a suggestion on how to make bows extremely useful while you make cash here -http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/44673-legion-npc/?p=896291 Others have also suggested put it on mc and elf itll make everyone happy and no one will ♥♥♥♥♥ about bows For a player whos played 4 Years and seen whats the best of Ws Staff and Definetely the Worst this isnt about criticism i just wanna help you make more cash and us players get some stuff we want. not want alot of these things are needed in the event to make it fun. as of now this event was lower and they keep getting worse so far from originals. 2011 hallo was my favorite (JS) Bosses make it funner for everyone and personal costumes and items are chill. Right now im fed up of giving you guys money when it never pays out you know? Amping always fails you guys troll the duck out of me And events never give anything chests bosses etc. pretty sure im unliked So this would make my money spending and players like me to be more appreciative of what you do and not let us ♥♥♥♥♥ at you thanks Guys
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