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Found 5 results

  1. Objective Enriching guild owners/heirs with effective management features to engage more with the players. Case Scenario I am a proud owner of a large guild. All the members of my guild are very industrious and hard-working. They always compete with each others on the amount of guild-points they accumulated in the past week or the number of times they completed any specific dungeon. As a token of appreciation, and to see who rises to the top, I announce a challenge. "Whoever has more guild-points at the end of the week shall be rewarded with 10k gold!" The challenge stirred up the heat in the guild. Everyone was excited about this and wanted to be the one to win this. Of-course, the value of gold is worth much in the Arinar. Without squandering much, the members quickly started grinding. At the 6th day of the challenge, a handful of the guild members were competing toe-to-toe and I could barely wait to see the true champion. Unfortunately, due to some urgent work, I could not log the next day. When I came about, I found my guild in utter mess. The rankings were reset and the members arguing with each other over the top position. I had no facility to validate any claims and I couldn't hand over the reward based on no actual data. Alas! only if there were a solution! Solution A functionality that lets you add a 'reward' based on some conditions (time, challenge). Just like you see in arena rating screen. The challenge organizer (usually a guild leader or a heir) inserts some reward into the option (gold, costume, equipment, etcetera) and sets a time limit (7-days, 14-days, etcetera) and the challenge (guild-points, arena-wins, dungeons-completed, etcetera). Whenever the timer runs out, the reward goes directly to the deserving player without any interventions. Similarly, following functionalities can also be included in this. Rank-Up / Rank-Down A guild owner/heir can set a condition that after a certain amount of time, the rank of a guild member is automatically incremented or decremented if the member remains inactive. Dismissal A guild owner/heir can set a condition that after a certain amount of time, if the member fails to reach the minimum threshold of guild-points, then they should be automatically removed.
  2. Hello Developers, I know that you are already in process of launching something great and new on the 10th anniversary of Warspear Online. May I suggest that you give the players certain gifts or rewards conditionally. You may give everyone the basic gifts which you plan to but can you also give the old and loyal players like myself loyalty rewards? I believe old players deserve some extra love and attention. Can you come up with a loyalty reward based on the year the account/character was created? Since it is 10 year anniversary, we could have levels (1 being the highest 5 being the lowest) based on the age of the account/character as below: 9+ years : reward lvl 1 7+ years: reward lvl 2 5+ years: reward lvl 3 3+ years: reward lvl 4 1+ year: reward lvl 5 Now you can decide the rewards as per game standards. I can suggest either of surprise chests, holiday chests, mcoins, crimson corrundums, signs as the part of the reward. Comment and support this suggestion if you're an old player like me and would like to see this soon. Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.
  3. Here's my Idea: #1,2,3 Get a Ranking chest from Arena It has Costumes,Accessories,Skins And Weapons/Armor You select the pieces you want Like a barber set (Look pics Below) and it provides a Preview of the item on your character. #1-5 Gets Buff As it is Already. With Comes This update Classic 3v3 Mode Comes Back As Well. #1 Chest Includes Greatness Items,Gladiator Skins ( Blades Come as 2 Pcs Together) Greatness Blades(Damage Fero Resi Crit) Greatness Axes( Damage Fero Resi Pene) Greatness Rondels (Damage Resi Fero Attack Speed) Greatness Staff ( Magic Damage Resi Fero Critical Hit) Greatness Stave (Magic Damage Resi Fero Cool Down) Greatness Crossbow (Damage Resi Fero Critical Hit) Greatness Bow (Damage Resi Fero Att speed) Greatness Mace (1H Damage Mdmg Fero Resi) Greatness Morgernstern ( 2H Mdmg Phys Dmg Fero Resi) Greatness Estoc (Damage Fero Resi Accu) Greatness Spear (Damage Fero Resi Mdmg) It will Also Include a Choice of All Armor Pieces And Arena Costumes. You choose one Main Item (Weapon Costume Or Accessory) Then Get A Secondary item of your choosing as well (Skin Armor) #2 Chest Has Choice of Contenders Accessories and Costumes. You may only choose one with Out choice of another (I.e. secondary Items) #3 Chest Has Choice of contenders Accessories And Costumes with no choice of Secondary Items. This Would make it so you can always go for season no matter the time of year and add Diversity for all the new classes that want to use different armor sets but has option of only one reward.
  4. I want you to post your personal oppinion of a chars stats that seem to be the best Lv10 Of your Server. this is an oppinion Not fact these stats can have buffs Or None My Vote is Jesenia Of Us Sapphire this is Her Stealth with max dmg in Arena Comment and share a pic of your Oppinion and what Server
  5. As you All know the knew arena rewards Are only a ring And a Buff. None to less the Rings Stats sorta Hamper on a melee compared To other Rings. but Still A pretty good prize right? buff is Ok Energy and Hp... Is meh. nothing over powered but compared To last season and Most seasons before this prize isnt fair.'why you get a ring and that only Gives lets say caster 15% well last years Got 30. thats not that fair and a buff that definetely isnt worth 15% magic Dmg. Same concept with Melee. Im saying is you should add more gravy for your superior Arena gods. I think a buff for 1-5 was a good idea. More fairness but #1 only gets a single. Extra ring now thats just like well ok you know?it Doesnt make people wanna go get that reward. So i suggest to add another Ring. or add the classic Skyrim costume "Dragonborns"as a extra bonus this way the Players wont get more stronger but get a costume From there hard work too. Not just a silly ring u cant show off that or maybe add a new costume. Would make it fair the the previous seasons rewards
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