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  1. Here's my tought: I see you guys (devs) made Templar and Chieftain to balance (and create) some problems between factions, but with this, you leave another problem: Elves and Undeads now only have 4 classes, while Humans and Mountain Clan have 5. I don't know if you're already planning the new classes. If Yes, then just ignore this post, if No, my idea is: Make a Contest. How it will work? People will make posts on Suggestions with the tag "New Classes Contest", for it to be approved, it needs: • Name • Race (Elves, Firstborns, Und
  2. The Warrior of the mountain clan, called Thinor, is known as the Forsaken, desolate and forgotten. of the berengar line, the warrior of GODGORRATH fought for the conquest of the people of the mountain clan, was praised for being one of the best warriors, but Berengar the old man. he did not like the Renegade trying to take his place, and then banished him by expelling him to the most distant corners of GODGORRATH, and soon without knowing the Renegade he went into fury and obsessive hatred for vigilance. But it was too late the Renegade had been cursed to live in life in GODGORRATH forever
  3. Описание Костюма Костюм изготовлен из пластин, отлитых мастерами величественного бога Харада. Божественной силы свет - никогда не угасает для того, кто носит данные доспехи. Внешний Вид Крупный план:
  4. Ladies and Gentleman, The circus is in town! Era início do inverno. A colheita das abóboras estava próxima do fim no pacato vilarejo de Altgard. Os animais estavam a caminho da hibernação e o vento estava a cada dia mais frio. Os camponeses começaram a notar uma névoa estranha no ar. Uma névoa densa e sombria, carregada de mistérios. ‘São os espíritos tentando retornar do outro mundo’ dizia a velha anciã, enquanto disfarçava um leve sorriso e fazia cuidadosamente uma torta de maçãs. A tranquilidade do vilarejo foi interrompida por uma grande agitação. ‘Pessoal, pes
  5. Player info: Nickname: Fusionist Server: BR-Tourmaline Minion info: Name: Protector from Deep Sea | Type: Tank Description: A mermaid warrior armed with a sword and shield, trained by aquatic creatures to protect the secrets of deep sea from enemies. Incredibly resistant, she's able to defense any strong attack. Skills: The call of mermaid: attracts enemy’s attention and makes him attack her. The enemy loses his original target. Aggressive waves: reduces the power of all enemies within radius of ability. Well, I rly ho
  6. 🌸🌺 Spring princess 🌺🌸 Spring Princess is a nature lover girl. She lives in a flowery garden surrounded by little animals and she really loves nature and try to protect it. Her dress is made by small flowers collected by her best friend Mr. Squirrel 🐿️ Mr. Squirrel 🐿️ also suggested that she put one of the flowers in her hair 🌷 Art concept This is a costume thought to be easily adaptable to Warspear Online. I used the existent pixel base to create this piece. The main idea is to show the original character's hairstyle.
  7. BennyBT

    Set of Master

    Today my Set of Master I won at the best birthday video contest has arrived. There is some pretty cool stuff in it! • a thermos • a hoodie • notebook • stickers • Warspear Online pin Thanks for the present! Although the hoodie is size M (and I am size S), but I'll definitely make a good use of them!
  8. I am Aravoldev, I joined a guild when I was 2 years old, my guild leader took care of me and taught me the art of fighting and the techniques on self-control. Now, 18 years have passed, and I was never involved in a serious fight. The beast was still asleep inside of me, until the guild leader summoned me one night. As I walked into his room in Forest’s Heart Castle, I saw him standing, facing the window, with a grim expression on his face. Without looking back, he said, “I know you are here ... your time has come.” “I will not disappoint you, in the name of
  9. Swoosh! Bzzzt! Cling! Its day 16, and I keep on fighting, 'til this monster stop moving. Fast, brave, Nuadu's heir. I am She Elf The Ranger, No one can compare. Evade, trap, aim and fire! To kill this beast is my one desire. Its soul I must acquire. Fight, fail, and fight again. Victory, I cannot gain. Oh! So much trial and pain! Drink, drink, and drink some more. dozens of potion drips down my core, I never been so tired before. Hopeless, tried, grilled to the bone. How can i finish this alone? I feel so he
  10. Story based on imagination...... Thousands years ago there was only 4 type of peoples. They knew as mountain clan, forsaken, elves and chosen. Mountain clan people were very hard workers. They were lives in top of the mountains in tents. They used to hunt mountain animals for food. They were very smart and fast at hunting, fighting and hiding. They were leaves in a group. There was barbarians, rouges, shamans and hunters. They makes weapons from wood and stones. They gives dead animals to forsaken and takes unique poisons. Forsaken people were most lazy people. T
  11. In a certain place in the vast land of ayvondil, there was a young ranger named Lightsadow that just recently had started a life as a hunter of beast and monsters for a small guild, however, right now, he was traveling through different paths where he didn't know where to go... Earlier that day he had been invited by his friends to a new section they had discovered in that area, a set of caves where it was said they lay creatures that have never seen sunlight or had even seen any light, he reject the offer but the others prepared to go without looking back, even so accompany them to the entran
  12. Title : Dark Blood in the Veins. Prologue The blood is in the veins that flows infinitely like our lives that will continue on living until we ceased, but what if the blood isn’t flowing the way you knew will it change the life you are living? I am Dar Kazix(Darkazix), a blade dancer elf that lives in the land of Melvendil. The Elder of the Ilhor village raised me. I wonder how I ended up here. Did I really belong to this land? Who are my parents? Will I find the things what I have been looking for? I swear to the Gods of Arinar that I will be str
  13. This journey was started three years ago. One rainy day I’ve entered in this fantasy world. I had choose myself as a bd(subhajeet) in us-sapphire. There was everything very beautiful. Now entering to the story....... Wow! Weather is cool. But what I have to do? Let’s ask that guy. Hmm he is offering me a job, If I do he will give me some gold and experience, I should do. One by one I did many quest in these days and now I am 13. Now I should ask someone how to go Irselnort. I heard there is many pro players lives and there I can get better weapons. It is long time I’m h
  14. A story to tell so little time here’s the story in a shell: A young fighter with so much to learn the eyes a little brighter trust he needs to earn One day he met another a friend to travel with plants he had to gather and understand a myth: A dungeon if you enter and make your way through when you’re at the center the chest is shining blue An item to collect if you did enough it might just be the perfect drop which you want He continued from day to day dungeon
  15. The weather was cold, the snowfall was over and here's a mountain filled with snow and melting for a years. Feels the coldness on my feet here comes I am, hello Godgorrath the Isle of Mountain Clans. The snowy land welcomed the freshman who've came down from the mountain and ready to merge on a union. At last the arinar released the hidden warrior's from different factions to be part of the epic war and here I am, a man with a crossbow on its hand whose ready to shoot. I can still remember most of the area was filled a lot of shooter's. Plenty of warriors running for a great m
  16. This weather sure too much to take, Must send my bladedancer to lake. For wars and potions don’t quench thirst On way, hear tale of my chars fate. A bladedancer with self-stiched name about 6 years ago was made. Wasn’t sure what to choose at first, no casters pls. So - rogue or blade? But i did like biology and elfs are close to nature, allegedly. Naturally i chose that, and leveled up without rush or aid. At first i used to die alot, and postponed some bosses Getting back to city fast, of course with armour losses And dying w
  17. Disclamer i had to cut some of the story to meet the 3000 character rule i had fun making this story and recalling the thing i did in this wonderful game sorry if the story was long i just started writing and without me knowing i wrote this much Words count : 503. Character count : 2025 ( without spaces ). Character count : 2527 ( with spaces ). Clutching to the handle of my mace, fighting off the hordes of Alliance as they are attacking the Flag, within my last Breath my life started flashing in front of me as
  18. Wake up, have some breakfast and watch TV then get bored, ok time for WS … Logging in Hmm what should i do now? None of my friends are online , and it’s not quest day, so either spam arena or dg, let’s go tech. Time to spam chat. World Chat Me: spam myth tech pm BD >> inv Me: spam myth tech pm Mage >> inv Me: spam myth tech pm Druid >> inv Me: spam myth tech last 2 slots Me: spam myth tech last 2 slots Ranger >> inv Me: spam myth tech last warden Me: spam myth
  19. Part 1: The Dream Once there was a Necromancer who were born in the island of Forsaken A land that was cursed and the freedom were taken. The first step to live is to learn how to fight. Courage is the key and the strength to survive. Innocence is weakness, I need to learn some experience. Fighting is a must or else I won't stay alive. A lot of fails and a lot of dead’s But it isn’t enough to quit and give up… Along the journey is a very tough quest To kill a monster that is twice my strength. (Tuckoot) Should I quit o
  20. Hello My in game name is Yalibe (same as the forum name) server BR-Tourmaline Here is the sprite i made for the costume contest, and all details about it : Norlant Diving Gear Sprite Art: Description: This diving dress is made with different materials. The helmet is made with copper and have openings for watching outside while the rest is made with leather cloth and grease for waterproofing. Lore: The Norlant Diving Gear were developed by a mysterious engineer and it was made to explore Norlant's cluster of
  21. Hi I'm from indonesia. I play rogue (damnking) and necro (debuya) at us-sapphire servers. Talk to me if meet at game Thanks, god bless you all
  22. Hi all, here is me. Sorry for potato quality. Good luck for everyone else!
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