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  1. Not our problem, they will be selected by admins anyway. Even if they choose to select (players) by gender/sexuality or whatever then you should question the chosen person aswell. give it a nice visual inspection I'd say.
  2. Suggestion seems valid, could agree on the fact a poll will be held on who moderates wich server/faction. Possibly, as addition to your suggestion can there be multiple P-mods assigned?
  3. How do I survive this...?

  4. Most barbs dont.even get to tank there in first place, get used to being a bystander. however, bystanders need defensive stats aswell, id recommend somewhere aroumd 3k psychical (wich is pretty normal) and 2.5-3000 mdef. And remember, if you die, blame the healer.
  5. Pretty sure what born means is that if youre planning to give commentary, use little bits instead of a 10minute vid where you talk every minute about every thing youre doing. It waa a good vid just too long for my opinion, the music was good nice choice.
  6. Find a different payment option, simple.
  7. When I mention a top 10 it's not all about +10 with their greatest dd gear. I'm talking in all perspectives here but yea aware some fools only look at amp and pvp.
  8. Redirect your post here smart one. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=231.0 thank me later.
  9. Entering 2years yea Anyhow, votes eh? Probably these 3 Annihalator (probably types his name wrong but you kno who) Foxlovevix Sprung. Based on what? From what I've seen 3/4 years back and fox 2years back.
  10. >shows mainstream dd set-up nah bro, kw
  11. Still find it funny seeing some old names from my time xd Start a Eu section?
  12. Thanks, I'll have a look at these.
  13. Stacking chop doesn't increase damage, neither does levelling chop.
  14. U no make 10k gp, u shudder get kick, hassn sis Mi cry.
  15. 5 nights at Freddies wasn't it? Weird game but has a funny feel to it. Well, I'll catch up with you sometime. Haven't been on kik for the longest, hence why you've never heard of me.
  16. Well that's crap, I was expecting some hope. Any plans for the future? Maybe a trip to Japan would do good
  17. Gues it counts for the both of us, it's a discussion regarding the skill. Wich means (in my world) that it's not based vs Bds only. If you wanna discuss the shield effects of a Bd, the section is elsewhere.
  18. Roughly playing there for a year now.
  19. Maleshaman


    So time had come for yet another topic about a new upcoming master skill. Personal view, If you ask me and I'm sure most of you would agree with me, this new skill will be amazing for any barb. It answers one of your so called "prayers" the fact you're finally getting your second official damage skill makes barbs even more interesting after Combat fury. Reason for this skill to be awesome is mainly because it doesn't require most of you 2h fanatics to hold a shield on your right arm. Yes I have reasons to believe this skills works both 1 and 2h, since there's no post on it requiring 1h. Further more, the fact that our chops been made usefull for once (well it had use before if you have a pair of brains) is the fact that damage will even be heightened. Sorta like an chain effect as I'd call it. What's your opinion on this skill? Let us kno. Sincerely, Yoshiki, the pantsubot.
  20. You still owe me your barb wisdom at Eu though, oh well. Good old highlights, barely a year old.
  21. If we speak about "much higher" would this be considered a 40% chance ratio or something? It's a cool costume but honestly I don't wanna see this become another non rare.
  22. Higher levels then the boss itself don't get drops such as bg weapons from heroic dungeon, this doesn't count for the costume.
  23. Found another issue, thanks to Shilan. location is Tlaskoe
  24. I've seen some vids about Dk country returns, it's perfect trolling xd Done the same with super mario bros on the wii when I played with my mother, bubble popping in the worst locations xd
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