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    Guild Points

    I have an idea: 1. Each X arena points u can buy Y guild points. 2. After buy some amount of guild points with arena points, u couldnt buy it anymore till next day. This amount is definately by guild exp got by do all daily quests in Irselnort. (maybe by Swamp quests too) 3. If the char already did Z daily quests in Irselnort (maybe Swamps ones too), his amount of tradable arena points for guild points, said in #2. , will drecease, till 0 after done all quests. Well thats it, what u think guys?
  2. Dont need be +8-+10 to 2 person kill a warlock in 2 seconds. Try use right equips. And tatics Circle stun first, so u will stun after a few seconds, so when ur partner will be free, u 2 can face a stuned lock...
  3. Sure not equal... 4%extra moon +4%extra astral against 4%extra hp? Druid also hv root = more time stuned than blind... Learn READ TOPIC's Question before post, this topic is about AoE skills, not about u cant beat a warlock.
  4. But if u go arena, u get stuned, ur partner can stun warlock and when u will be free, u kill him in 2 seconds.Just both dont fall in circle
  5. Hv necro stave? :give_rose:
  6. Show the ones u lost too...
  7. Agreed, AiGrind Need do beta tests, not just with AiGring team, but also with players. But why with players?Cause beta tester players "work" for free and have diferents devices. About use same chars i dont agree. They can make the acc with 6 classes alredy lvl 20 (or 30, if its max). Then beta testers would do all new quests/test new contents. Also test new skills and new equips. Just saying if it work or not, no need argue about if is useless or not. Also must need just beta testers and aigrind team can enter on test server.
  8. I agree hardweight armor classes need better Hp. Lightweight classes with 3k hp, near "tank" classes, where the tank so? It also will help tank classes in 2x2...
  9. S, of Sorcerers :friends:
  10. S, of Sorcerers :friends:
  11. Hahahahaha Wow, rogue with stealth + bless shot :*
  12. So u did 2k damage on 2 warlocks with 2k+ hp each?
  13. 1. Agree, dont need be hard as hell, just hard :)2. Ok 3. Please, do it. 4. Look, can be like lvl 13 weapons, with more power and bonuses than lvl 20-22 Shop/quest weapon, and still will value something cause ppl will wanna stay in lvl 20 or 18 for arena. 5. Would be good without arena points, but Devs definitily dont will make it xD 6. Its like get many itens from mobs/bosses/quests/shop/chest to make a new item/equip. 7. Could be more like: in lvl 25 u get new skill, in lvl 30 u get other. WITHOUT those over powered skills xD
  14. Big war for a litle cave...
  15. Twins separated by Factions
  16. 1. Increase damage of Thorn of Death. 2. Vampire skill, heal 50% of damage made for some seconds. 3. Dark aura, recude a % of damage by skill lvl, affects Dk and his party by a area. 4. Spiked shield, each damage took by dk will reflect a % for atacker for some seconds. 5. Dark impact, deal damage by a 4x4 area affected by Dark Magic, hide (Stealth) enemies will recieve more damage.
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