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  1. Players in China are all panicked. Everyone is afraid of losing their spears!
  2. Played for several years, the first time encountered no discount days, is the server problem or normal arrangement? Is it because the new game ignores our spears? If that's the case, I'm so sad!
  3. If your account is bound to an email address, you can log on to multiple devices, which has nothing to do with WIFI. WIFI and traffic are just network connections
  4. Thank you, Aasha. I think the Chinese translation in the game is very good. We can see the task description clearly, except for a few mistakes. And thank you very much for your efforts to Chinese players! We are very happy because the network is much better than before. At the earliest time when we played, the network was not fluent and often carton, now there is almost no carton phenomenon! My English level is very low . It's really difficult for me to communicate with you through translators. But you didn't ignore me. Thank you! Let's look forward to Zhongguo
  5. Dear Administrator, in my opinion, there is no fair competition here, it is contracted by some old players, they scored each other, it is impossible for new players to enter the top ten, because they simply can not beat them, they have complete Championship equipment... It's really unfair here. We compete with them in the same way, but they can report us, but we can't report them. Because of language differences, we can't communicate better with managers. When they report it, they will ban our equipment and even our account number! uuuuuuuuuuu But their account number has no loss!
  6. Yes, there are some forums in China, but they are much worse than our official website. There are no corresponding classifications, only some simple strategies and some killing bosses videos with few administrators, so it looks confusing, many of them are advertisements. So I hope to have a Chinese community on our official website!
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