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  1. i cant see the pic thingy :cray: edit: nvm lol
  2. mine doesnt exit i have the e500 so idk
  3. black ops 2, battlefield 3, skyrim, far cry 3, mortal kombat, guilty gear, legend of zelda, illusion of gaia, secret of mana.......icould keep going if u like ^---^ i play a ton of games so if these arent to ur liking ill try agian with a fresh batch
  4. bad luck i couldnt sell it :cray:
  5. shell like it if u do it right :rofl:
  6. i think that u should be able to attack when circle is dropped its not touching ur hands just ur feet
  7. then add permanent minions to :diablo:
  8. i can help u i have a lvl 19 rouge and know alot of good strategies and a good skill build
  9. they should do a test update for a week to see how the day cycle ad weather cycle work out
  10. :rofl: maybe u should try talking to her first, just incase she really means no ;)
  11. definitely wants the D :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  12. i read it to the end :rofl:
  13. Try turning off ur power saving. My symbian used to have major lag when it was on power saver so maybe ur having a similar problem. Also if this doesn't work u may want to reinstall the game. To do this u should delete the game, then delete its installation file(found in ur file manager), and then clear ur cache and cookies on ur browser. After all that download the zip file from the warspear website. If this fail please seek further advice.
  14. what do u mean they die :shok: i havent died with my minion lately but is this is true it must be fixed asap i enjoy using my minion to the very last second
  15. btw im not against a mage getting its own cape it needs it all other class has a cape that for its class so mage should to (rather than throwing useless astral at them and saying the cape is for them too)
  16. i got a doom bow, on mc side :cray:
  17. simply find a more interesting game
  18. i do randomly stab ppl ;) not with a knife but with my nokia :rofl: soooo....how did the stalking work out :rofl:
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