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  1. I upgrade 'Boss challenge' idea. This challenge have 25-50-100(Idk) floors, each floor have different boss/bosses like denal/Katt/new boss/old boss, they have their special fighting style. for example. WORN BOSS - each time when its hp drop 10% it go underground and heal himself a bit and spawn on another location. SLUG BOSSES(2-4-6 slugs) - when they all die they will combine and transform into a big slug, DRAGON BOSS - when his hp reach 40% he start flying and his def and dodge increase. CAGE BOSS(-,-) - Sometime it capture a player(for some limited time) and all dmg playe
  2. This new skill is 90% useless, Waste of gold. -_-
  3. What about 'LOGO'(EMBLEMS)? I really like to have my own logo in game. XD Dont take it seriously, i only want to suggest. ^.~
  4. actually, 1vs1 is bad idea because in 1vs1 low amp ppl can't win against high amp ppl but in 2vs2/3vs3 low amp ppl can win against high amp ppl.
  5. Same thing happening to me, i can't amp my axe +6 to +7 :sorry: any tip or trick for amp items to +8? many ppl already reach +9 :unknw:
  6. anyone know how to record video on galaxy y? :facepalm:
  7. I like that "Dark Tentacles" skill. like many enemies around and anyone use that skill and *Boosh* tentacles come from ground and grab all enemies then he can say ,"u all gona Die!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!" XD
  8. What happened when minions stay forever and when its dead by mod/player then we need to get a new minions?
  9. ::) sooo.... if u r arena fighter then its important. ok Ty :good:
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