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  1. Making private effects for Symbian users is like making a new game just for them, isn't that right?
  2. x

    Me Proer ?

    What are you talking about and what's your question?
  3. Very awesome! What about the new arena ring coming next year? 7% too? Effects like what? N8 is counted as an old device or not?
  4. x

    Additions for guilds

    TheQuestion, Let's just put your 3 ideas here together and you will make the best guild addition ever: 1. 2. 3.
  5. x

    new class monk

    Nice idea, but as Seduce said, I think new factions and classes idea won't happen anymore and players are very okay with that because none likes to start new classes all over again, xD! Btw, since you're a Brazilian, there's a fansite for Brazilians here in Portuguese language.
  6. Ya, lols. I remember that, with you!
  7. Thanks! Well, here's a new information dude Updated my post filled with info.
  8. x

    Currency exchange

    Here's the final answer given by r0land time ago.
  9. And did you test what you said or do you have an evidence?
  10. x


    My bad, i thought Born wrote something about the quest in his topic, so I just took the link without looking. Sorry!
  11. x

    New Skills

    Just let's not enter the op subject and keep agreeing on 30k, good?
  12. x


    I hope this will be a good to help you. Next times, search the community for anything you need before posting anything new... Feel free to ask anything else. Good luck!
  13. Lol, I just like to know all the information I need to set a program to do in the event because it will be in the time of my 1 month holiday! And, np, I accept haters and quibbles always.
  14. x

    X's Arena Gallery

    The real Maestro finds a way into winning against an op rogue even when he has one ticket left.
  15. x

    New forum is here!

    For what? What did they want?
  16. Congrats for everyone and good luck for my guild mates from THEMERCS in their #1 tourney!
  17. Awesome! Thank you! [spoiler=I think I bothered you a lot , for Peter] There won't be "Ice Warrior's Armor"?
  18. Ninja Owl, None. Do you have final exams this period?
  19. x

    cant log in

    r0land, Thank you for your help, just this last favor if you please... Thanks!
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