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  1. ya thats right u make me sad from that u make me crying really :(
  2. if u pmed me i ws gona sell u it n i dnt nd it i got from it severe cold gloves i sell it in market for 5k do u believe that its very very cheap
  3. Dude plz go buy from shop or market it's very easy or ya say that on trade cht
  4. ok well bac 2 the awesome game again bt plz make new things in our normal version
  5. x

    BD PvE build

    Make +5 flash strike make +5 hamstring make +5 sap.
  6. yayayayayayyayayyayayayyayayayayya awesome i luv this place i remember it oh ya my home i luv u take this from me :give_rose:
  7. x

    Dodge to BD

    ok i dnt use parry but ya wat ur saying is right sometimes i use it n nothing happened but the doge who hav it the rogues is best when they run u atk them n atk them n they doge doge i dnt like that 2
  8. tomorrow is the update awesome woooooo !!!!!! 8) ahaahha :'( goodbye arena n welcome with the new arena season oh yes hahahaahah :D awesome
  9. all that for just bugs plz hahahahah :facepalm: hahahah :D plz becarefull the game wil stop in 1h plz
  10. ill kill u hackers u takee my account ill finish on u help me plz get my account bac my name is chamak :diablo:
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