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  1. I already vote for u :good: i hope warspear after win will update with craft fuction :rofl: hehehe #Gut job for WARSPEAR ;)
  2. I hope symbian os will fix i dont like play at PC -___- hard
  3. can u upload for us that version too? Mine lost :bad: mine always crash, wtf :facepalm:
  4. what will happen with our weapon who has enchanted? are it will be reset? and what happen to our crystall and rune at bag? are it will lost?? :snorlax: :facepalm: :search:
  5. Dude please fix conection problem at eu-emerald server :pardon: :crazy:
  6. Happy Birth Day ツ Selamat Ulang Tahun ツ 誕生日おめでとう!ツ Omedetōgozaimasu Tanjōbi ツ arigatou gozaimasta to all admin in aigrind and in warspear, shankyou for suprise chest :blush: :wow: i got 3 custume and 2 novice :wow:
  7. ur idea is very good, :good: but, i think thiss sytem only can work in same faction like firstborn and firstborn, if firstborn and mountain clan can use this system, its will make problema :diablo:
  8. all boss and nomal enemy drop item to create equipment ? :search:
  9. are this island is netral area like nolant swamp ?? :search:
  10. I dont read all, but i think its :good: :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Now Farming Monster with Green/Blue/Yellow Crown will be usefull :D Request New hair style please :blush: anime hair style good :D :crazy: :diablo:
  12. Yeah i agree, my HOLY Shield lvl.5 always useless, if got 10 attack from tower it make shield power gone :diablo: or if got 1 attack skill from any class it will lost shield power too :diablo:
  13. i agree to unbind costume, why equipment can unbind but costume can not :crazy: but i should not use miracle coin cause not all have miracle coin :blush: :diablo:
  14. I have idea for This game to make many people like :diablo: I gueess, to create a equipment with Attribute (Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Dark), and with a special effect from every attribute, just like thunder (lighting spear) can make foe stun if got critical strike, or fire (Burning Arrow) can make foe burned if got critical strike, and make a potion to netral that effect like, Frozen potion to netral fire/burn effect Thanks :blush:
  15. Job Board List :blush: it will usefull :blush: but i think its no good if put every city, i guess to put at nadir, netral city :diablo:
  16. Now Jerboa Will be usefull cauze drop item to create equipment :crazy: :bomb: :diablo:
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