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  1. idk if that counts though sneaky... i know you have helped and continue to do so as do i but we are not the best or strongest players. it all depends on a persons attitude and emotional and or maturity level. if the are 18 years+ and still continue to argue over dumb things that dont matter in the long run and refuse to admit that they are wrong or just wont drop the subject then they are still a child. age is only a number and most people that are around the age of 16 or 17 think they know all... long story short, players that are actually mature in most or all sense shold help players who need it selflessly, but that is just how i feel. ;D
  2. lol coolcatkid he started it and im just simply finishing it :rofl:
  3. just ignore that troll solar hes a sad loser kid :bad: he claims he can beat me but i have beaten him more times then i can count on my fingers and toes lol but if it makes u feel better solar i can personally make sure pvprange never gets into pvp cave again ;D
  4. zhuronghu


    well in an online game i also play and have played over 10 years has a system called the grand exchange this is like the market but u put items in and people from over 120 different servers can buy and sell stuff to one another. i also hate the fact that i have to use 2 devices to transfer items from one char to another it gets very annoying i hope the devs bring back banks and the old m coin menu i miss that too.
  5. thats good that your helping others who need it :good: i was asked to kill torar 3 times yesterday lmao i dont mind though :)
  6. thank you all for the generous offers ;D i will be working on my new barb soon but for now i have work and school :(
  7. lmao eisha he is a loser kid that does not get enought attention from his parents so he turns to people on ws lmao.... its really sad and pathetic tbh
  8. ty for giving me my first negative karma point pvprange. :yahoo: no wonder u have no friends :lol: this is the attitude that prevents you from getting friends that i was talking about and if i get a negative karma point for telling the truth then so be it. i do not regret it and haters gonna hate but thats the way the world spins. just remember pvprange, karma is a vicious ♥♥♥♥♥ that does not hold back when the day of atonement comes and she will make you wonder why u ever did and said the things you did. and with that have a nice day ;D
  9. zhuronghu


    just had another awesome idea.... devs should really think of using this or making it better: A bank, like when u got to select your chars you can store items or thing u dont want to or dont cant use yet in a bank along with gold and its a bank that all your chars share so if one char needs something that another of your chars has you can store it in bank and withdraw it from a different character. i have come across this problem many many many times. i just think it would be a good idea but thats just my thinking. tell me what you guys think about it.
  10. hahahaha i have seen so many remakes of gangnam style its craaaazy my favorites are minecraft style and ghetto gangnam style :rofl: :lol: they are hilllllll-aaaaaa-rious
  11. good luck getting them.... :facepalm: u dont make friends by asking..... or acting like a complete idiot child claiming you know everything and have barley even touched the game experience wise. u dont make friends claiming you can beat people that you cant. :nea:
  12. yea different people have different styles and thank you for respecting me! :give_rose: some people dont and then when it comes time that i have something they need or need my help they wanna be friends... :facepalm: i dont roll like that lol i respect a ton of people even low levels because it isnt something that is given through the level of the char. its earned by respecting others and helping when being called on.
  13. why yall coming onto solar's post and being mean? i agree with solar and pvprange is a just a kid that literally thinks he is the king when i can beat him with my hatchet :bad: just be nice and courteous towards others and if someone says something that insults you then ignore it and dont snap back with an insult. it makes you look immature and simple minded. annnnnnd i dont know how to give karma or anything like that. sorry :unknw:
  14. lol thats fine i have an elf too and idc about factions really i just wanna be around people that are nice
  15. ewwwwwwwww i hate swamps lol i have been doing just the simple and easy quick quests and it going good i guess. im down to like 774 xp to lvl 20. not too bad lol. timeuss doesnt want me to lvl up because he said id be harder then lol. i love fighting rangers :pleasantry: makes me feel strong i guess lol
  16. nuuuuuuuuuuuuu coolcatkid....... he rick rolled us hahahahahahaha :good: good job buddy shane u got us good :lol:
  17. barbs with 2 axes would be awsome and i dont know why the devs havent done it yet but maybe they have their reasons but i really hope the devs do something for the barbs. considering all they have done for all the other classes and then havent even touched the barbs yet i dont think other then taking away one of their best chances at fighting and pvp. :facepalm: makes us barbs look stupid when we try to rush but it fails. when that happens we lose 9 times out of 10.
  18. ty for the offer :good: and i might lol pm you for some of the harder bosses lol
  19. yes it is officially true the person who posted this asking to start and new clan aka weakest/hadouken stole from another player. do not join his clan or help him in his endevors he is a scamming noob and will never get help from me or any of my friends and i will personally make sure his ws experience is a living hell
  20. its not nice taking someones hard earned gold. was 9k really worth you tarnishing your name on the whole server? i hope it was because stealing is wrong and one day you will have to atone for your wrong doings
  21. i loooooooooooove mc side and always will. i say mc side is best because helpful players (like me :give_rose: ) lol and a bunch other players that are helpful. i also say mc better because ive noticed that alot of the higher lvl respectable elfs have been coming to mc side due to new players that think they know everything (pvpranger) i hate him but its just all part of the game. im always on first isle if anyone needs my help just pm me. also i will try not to sound rude while saying this but..... please dont waste my time asking for my help gathering daily quest items........ thats just pure lazyness and i know all about that :D hahaha been playing over a year and still not lvl 20 lmao im super lazy when it comes to lvling up. :blush: if anyone truly needs my help just pm me.
  22. hello my name is jessica and im a player from sapphire server and am going to make a new barbarian on eu srever and was wondering if anyone would be willing to pm me in game and tell me about eu server and how it operates and such. i do have a lvl 19 barb on us server but us server is getting out of hand in my opinion. thank you for your time. my babrs name on eu will be the same as on sapphire, zhuronghu
  23. hahahahahahaha jawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww funny man
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