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  1. same here giv my 2.10.1 backkk its not a matter if not update just want to play :'(
  2. gah ngak bisa main gamenya :cray:
  3. you should amply in ur mind do you helping other coz other will say thk to you or do you help them with sincerity? no need reason for helping !
  4. fusulu12


    me too have the same problem and right now i just playing forumer not the game :cray:
  5. well i too have saw alot of ppl speak like that just tell them is ur name written on it or u are their son in law or 3thing
  6. huaaa some people say delete all file again and download but the problem is i cant download :'(
  7. same with me i use nokia c5 tooo and :'( :'(
  8. my phone is nokia c5 when it was version 2.10.1 its play well no problem but :'( when i update it to version 3.0 it cant open
  9. huaaa i cant play the game after i update it n play it said 1st coneccting 2nd data caching 3rd loading and go back to first again and again :mega_shok: :shok: :shout: :cray: :facepalm: :facepalm: and i am using nokia c5
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