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  1. This is what I call game changer , keep doing this and players will return to the game in no time
  2. Yup but much worse since rogue can deal way more DMG + stealth and give the first strike super ez so yah let's hope for the best we all have faith in our beloved Devs
  3. I hope so too but stun for best DMG dealer in the game is a bit too much and I think everyone agrees
  4. Not doing that at all but you only said that after u complained so much for his change xd
  5. Wow rogue who can deal thousands of DMG gets a stun ? Like stealth and gauge wasn't enough already ? Just wow
  6. Barb can resist everything for 8 secs he is way above bd in everything while bd may get nerfed soon as always and that skill isn't useful in war as barb since barb can resist everything for 8 secs got tons of HP def and DMG like its broken asf you the one who need to get over your self and stop complaining about one class only
  7. If you talk about broken skills why you never mention barb 8 sec immunity ? And his 1k DMG with 1h only + op def etc and heal ? Or you just checking after bd for some reason ?
  8. Check all my posts I never attacked some class and made comments about it asking to nerf it but he literally attacked the bd since they posted the new skill but he won't talk about barbs who can have 100% immunity for 8 secs xd
  9. Yet u didn't talk about pala skill but you only target the bd because you are an mc player if bd skill isnt fair then what u have to say about warlock area stun skill ? Locks can stun you for your entire life that's why bd got resist skill to try and avoid that incredible stun , moral of story you need to be fair towards every class not just attacking bd because he is your class natural enemy or something cheers.
  10. Maybe remove bd class so he stop killing you at arena or what ever so you be happy ? Dude every class got op buff this time idk why you cry that much if you don't like it just play other game and put some respect to devs efforts
  11. Thx devs u did really good job , here come da beast (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so u actually insulting the devs by saying they made a brain dead chars such as bd and barb ? Put some respect for devs bro they deserve it and they never make such brain dead Instead of complaining about BDS why u don't look at locks skill ? BD is need there to resist him a bit Shaman got area stun too lol
  12. The most beautiful and cute girl I ever seen in this game by far I don't know why there is such cry babies here talking nonsense about the picture if someone has to say something would be devs or mods or who ever is working on this contest , but anw I would marry this girl in a heartbeat.
  13. its the same thing about warden each warden player said his opinion simply so don't judge them and let them be devs may hear them
  14. dude u literally cried for dk nerf because its on your favour but now when its not you started to say get used to it , are you for real ? if that so then get used with the new dk adjustment and let people complain what they want its forums to discuss not to pick what you want for real ty
  15. so you telling me warden is dead now ? ok ty another reason to stay out of game well done
  16. 8h update still there is bugs ? Come on you can do better than that
  17. In that case also give elf the stun of mc and don't forget the 7 yards stun so it will be fair too
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