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  1. some chicken food fell on my phone's screen the other day, exactly on the "use sign of imperishability" and the "AMP" buttoms. when my chicken, fast as a lightning, ate the food that i accidentaly dropped, not only she disabled the "use sign of imperishability" option, but also made a failed attemp to amplify my +9 lv23 weapon wich is now.. lost forever. Please Ruland, can i have my weapon back?



  2. How to keep drama going in warspear's forum:


    1) First possible scenario: BTminBT says Snowkath may be a bit raw sometimes; Snowkath mutes; BTminBT starts a topic about it wen he comes out of his mute; Julia supports him; Snowkath vs Julie.. Fight !


    2) Second possible scenario: Panchen replys to this topic; showing possible scenarios of how to keep drama going in warspear's forum; Livi, the most strict and severe moderator, instantly bans Panchen for outopic posting; Raislin, who's deeply in love with Panchen's chicken soup, starts a Topic defending Panchen; Livi vs Raislin... Fight !

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