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  1. Lets make a little exercise... If you agree that bd needs nerf. In your comment add in the end #nerfBD. #nerfBD
  2. I fell you bro... We already gave up on the buff necro side... At this time we just wonder about when bd will be killable Hello there my friend... I would like to introduce you to wisdom and harmony. Make a good use of them. You can thank me later. But leaving the jokes aside... The mana problem is in all dmg classes, is what prevents them from just kill you with the burst dmg (and ho look, rangers lose for none on that part).
  3. Kkkkkkkk wow... You do you realize that what you saying is contradictory and proving other guys point right? Shaman+brb? Thats a specific combination and so sentinels have theirs too, bd+druid for example but ho look... Bd full resist full dmg and very good control +druid heal and heal and heal and heal and ho, here is a shield... that heals (5 heals if you didn't noticed ) and lots lots and lots of control. And by the way these 2 (and others) have a way to counter the "speed focused" builds (sap and bees both lower the attck speed of the opponent) its just that sentinels dont use them. And if you think I'm wrong just say it and I'll make 2 more combiantions without being same class that are very very good. About the dmg debuffs think again go research and you'll find that there is like wd.(lets not mention relics) And by the way ALL SENTINELS HAVE A DEFENSIVE SKILLS. (amd good ones at that)
  4. Just waiting for my journal to be approved I really want your opinions about my opinions.
  5. You see? this is how I see that you(devs) ignore the non russian suggestions, but I'll repeat, you already made the mistake of making pets a skill stop buffing them, they're very very annoying already, now you're making them deadlier than the player that casted it. And by the way, as you do it why don't do it to necromancer too (and the already have the disadvantage of needing a corpuses to summon and that means someone dying so it work) maybe creating an passive that creates corpuses stored each one able to summon only one skeleton soldier. Simply putting it: USELESS. These reworks wont make these skill anymore attractive then they already were (some that used and didn't will so it as much as before) These ones you're hear about them a lot if I understood their new mechanics (they'll be broken as hell). for example 190% dmg from a rogue its not little. Think well about this. 80% dmg per stack on a poison skill? BOOM BOOM BOOM!!! Now... to my dear love BaDass... STOP! Did you read it well? Just to be sure, STOP! Why do you keep buffing this? I would say that for this class its only missing wings, but I'm afraid you'll see it as an idea. Tank hp and deff+ one of best burst Dmg there is(+ vamp it's almost a heal since those autoattacks go up to 2k)+ full resist (yeah...that "rework" you did wont change that, they will just have to use the hand fingers to play now, nothing against those who can't), but "nah... its not enough lets buff them a little more", see where I'm gettin here? So about suggestions, reduce drastically the spirit of resistance effect time or make it 80% or less like every other class that as this kind of skill. About counterattack the thing you should have done since the beginning, make it depend on 'received' dmg (emphasis on the 'received' assuming that yo didn't noticed it not opponent dmg but 'received' dmg). About rush either remove the stun probability for players or remove the resist effect that comes from it, it wont make it any less usefull. and by the way I don't know if you noticed but EVERYONE (even the sentinels) are complaining about the Power of blades skill so something must be happening right? I saw a good suggestion for this skill here and I agree, make it as the skill is active if the player receives any debuff the skill lasts longer or the opponent receive a stun (not dmg removable) or just give them some stuns, even with stuns the pvp on WS is hard enough, imagine it without any. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING WITH US! It's not possible. See what I say when I tell you dev ignores the non russian comments? DK tank is dead "nah... lets kill DK dmg as well" "...redistributed its power..." please show me where did it go, I DARE YOU! But letting the rage aside NO ONE CREATES A DK FOR DMG so show it some tank love, even charmer have more survivality as a tank than DK. About shamans I only agree about the weakness totem nerf (on stats not duration nor cooldown). But not about the totem, the 1500 stack heal is not the skill is the castle pot and everyone of you know it that if a healer uses that any of them its very hard to kill him. By the way nothing about that OP pala shield? About rogue I think that you should study away to promote him for gvgs, they have no space in competitive guilds (although I think that that because pf the narrow minded players) but that is a real problem. About ranger I agree with the devs that its good enough as it is. I WARNED YOU TO BE PREPARED FOR MY JOURNAL.
  6. Hello there, some suggestions: Why not do like Power of the Heaven and give it one fixed buff?(mana regen for example to not be same as the other, dont you dare give it max mana increase) Because I know you're not going to give like 30% speed even on 4/4 so it feels like it is such a waste of gold and points. I looked at this and already felt nostalgic (cough, cough...rogu...cough) and I should say, if it will not have a very good dmg add it some bleeding like dmg or it will be like the rogue one(useless and unused). For this one I will be blunt with you, IF IT IS NOT LIKE THE BD/BRB/MAGE RESIST ONE IT DOESN'T MATTER IS USELESS. Penetration when using staff I really don't see the use of this, I suggest you put it critical instead (it will help with the healing habilities). You already made this mistake twice (giving a full control class a pet) why you keep doing this? Do you read the feedbacks at all? I would suggest you try and see how the druid pet is (full deff and full dmg) and the charmer bird too (massive magic dmg). You already made the mistake of giving summons as a skill so please balance it. I think that Rugged Hide and Mantra of Healing shouldn't be able to be used on other you are killing shamans e and druids here (and they already are not that alive anymore). Hm... I'm sorry ... But I now that even they themsleves know that the PALA EXPERT SHIELD is too much (when is 4/4) it is almost indestructible, please take notice, test it yourselves and see if I'm lying, balance it please. About the factions tour, ho, totally, totally, totally going to be elfs wins and the irony is that they won't even have to make some big effort as they are overpopulated just all of them enjoying the event (spaming dungeons, killing bosses and doing guild event as you said these things give points) they will win the tour the entire event I bet on it. Please make event pets unusable in arena fights. And I have to say that I'm very worried to not see anything about the guild skills bug fixes, really really worried. I already knew that the game favours the sentinels side but (don't try and deny it even they know it) but you're makin' it too obvious now and this is making many legionnaire players to give up, on tourmaline they don't even bother going to war anymore, please do something about this. Thank you for your hard work
  7. By the way, nice event but too short, you know that horror circus is the most awaited event you have still jave, make it worth it, and I would like to complaon about the drop rate of this event, I know the dg were easy(the 28- ones) but please even if the difficulty have to rise a little bit raise the drop rate. Taking that out it was a fun event. Tku
  8. How interesting, so you're saying that instead of changing the chaos pot interaction with the flag and others you choose to change the dk skill interation with the flag because it's braking the game, but the teleport and guild patronage were discovered and reported 1st but waw, look, the dk wasmerfed 1st before the sentinels guild skills fixing, do you see the pattern here? (see why the people say you favour the sentinels side?) I'm really disappointed with you aingrid more and more, I'm not saying that you should leave the anti-gaming bug about the dk you allways prioritize the sentinels reports(most time whining). Please be fair and react to the reports the same way, not taking sides(at least not showing it).
  9. Kkkkk...I see you're a pala... I advise you to go 1v1 and 2v2 arenas versus 1/2 good bds and tell how was it... deal? Do you know how rogue suffers in the hands of druids, priests, bds, palas? (Because yes they also can kill you in stun combo, no one talks about it but I've seen e felt it) where is the resist skill? See where I want to get at?
  10. Eu ja disse aos outros e vou repetir... algum de vcs ja pensou em encantar seus acessorios com cristal de harmonia? Procure la na loja milagrosa pra ver o que ele faz.
  11. hm... in my opinion if you are talking about basic skills only maybe you're right, but adding the experts that you already have at your disposal that's another story and I think that pala only needs an area agro skill, that I agree. but in terms of durability, look around, if you cant tank its you build (in terms of durability) I can assure you, and that you said that pala as the lowest hp do I need to send prints here from palas with 10k+ hp?
  12. So these changes don't affect the current existing skills/build?
  13. Wow wow wow... hold on... with what now? Low hp? Ulalah... how do I say this... aren't you forgetting something? (Heal+max hp increase skill"that is another heal+THE SHIELD, yeah, you know what I'm talking about)
  14. Please nerf charmer... it was already a mistake you give players a pet skill but the're too much... make the heal bird not inflict dmg, is already anoying fight with the charmers and their dogs because yes they can spawn more then one amd now they use the charmers offensive attributes. And please see waht you can doabout the dogs because like someone here already said most cases they are stronger than the player. Please... stop killing the forsaken... dk is not a tank anymore for nowdays dgs, and when warlocks were starting to be good at pve you go and nerf it... Why? You already increased the cd for the zone of weakness now you reduce its time as well? Please... This skill is not op as if you resist it one time you dance on it with no problem. I'll not speak about Bd ever again because it looks like everytime I speak it gets worse...so here it goes for the last time: STOP BUFFING THIS CLASS, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU BROUGHT BACK THAT OBVIOUSLY ITS A OP SKILL MECHANIC (RECEIVE 50 AND COUNTER 1K+ DMG FOR A CLASS THAT USES HEAVY GEAR). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE IT DEPEND ON THE RECEIVED DMG.
  15. I agree...+ stone skin ulalah... it will be a nightmare on the arena.
  16. Just like I said my friend... I dare anyone to point me any, I repeat, ANY bd counter with this new "adjustment". And I really think that they should think about what they are doing to bd because they wear heavy gear, so is a high hp defense and dmg class(and now with 4 100% chance +rush)
  17. 1- Tank a whole town of players for more than 40min not even buffed or using pot (and most with pve gear) 2- Going dgs, quests and other things without healer DO YOU AKNOWLEGE YOUR SINS?
  18. Are you aware that in these days its possible to a mage to get up 900 dmg? 1,2,3,5% ? Because more than that is almost like they did nothing(for high level players) have you noticed that this is the only skill that gives 3 certain buffs at the same time right? And think... the only limitation to dps classes is mana like I said in some post mage shouldn't havea skill with thatkind of buff... I don't know why they gave lock one too. And please... stop crying and enchant you accessories with harmony
  19. So... because you can "only cast" using an ally and giving you both an op shield is good? So the down side is to not give one but 2 ppl including you an op shield? Is that what you just said?
  20. Hm... interesting... that remebers me about something... hm... what was it? Oh yeah... just like all other cloth gear users (and to you have be one hit killed by rogue you must be distracted or full pve, you have warp, chains and the skill that increases you defenses) so... And why should a mage solo anything? Are you saying that lock not solo killing anything is wrong too? They allways say... this game is about doing things in a party and that's why it doesn't have a 1x1 arena
  21. O irmão leu e percebeu o que a skill faz agora? A cada 12-6% do hp perdido diminui o danl recebido em 2% com 60% do hp reduzido o pala recebe um buff de 10-20% de reducao de buff recebido com 90% de hp perdido reduz o dano recebido em 15-30% lembrando que é passiva e pala tem heals e escudo (escudo op diga-se de passagem)
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