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  1. Taara


    oh balle oyeeee where is my commission
  2. it depends on russian (mosscow's time)
  3. i liked it too but new classes arent necesarry atm
  4. i guess they should keep dealer or a repair guy at kotaravva instead of warehouse
  5. thats really a good idea, maybw theu can add new quests too
  6. Taara

    for admins :\

    maybe they didnt find it legit, what did you write about?
  7. Taara


    maybe you completed all of them? wait for 24hrs for new ones
  8. [email protected] ??????!!!!! who gave you this id? they dont own it send your ticket to [email protected]
  9. Taara

    for admins :\

    i usually get reply from them in couple of days, maybe you should re-send it and be more specific this time
  10. maybe in my imagination :D
  11. thank you Meysam :)
  12. There is a guy who is applying arena without any equips, hes lvl 16 necro on Emerald server and the name is Locann, please take suitable action
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