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  1. I have not seen the original but the newer one was a great movie...and yes very disturbing..
  2. Haha I watched Child's Play at an early age also and always had nightmares. Although now when i watch it i laugh, was very scary back then
  3. This would be nice to be able to offer in market as well as trade... I would be able to buy dropped items for mcoin instead of...signs...or what not :yahoo:
  4. and...games dead...LOL :bomb:
  5. Bleh Developers Computer.... :facepalm:
  6. Tricky Tactics for Dragon...what finally worked for me was... Imp Scroll, Invulnerable Potion (Until Timeout), Tele Scroll, Tele Scroll, Turtle Potion...Rinse & Repeat.. Haha
  7. lol I wish you just need to amp ur sword more maybe get some potions...u know... warspear style lol
  8. You Get the convertor after castle stairway i believe..which is the next level after entrance
  9. The convertor is automatic... if you click the tab between candies and lollis it will automatically convert... (I see no use of this convertor though.. 100 lollis per sec...its not worth giving 8 candies a sec up for... also slayed the dragon a couple times ;D
  10. meh good deals always get you spammed on... worth it :yahoo:
  11. As my description says... EU-Emerald :facepalm: hehe
  12. I always sell sets for 20k 8)
  13. Yuk.... ill have to get on and have a special on signs this weekend :drinks:
  14. Malacoth

    Shut up mcs

    Haha these are all so funny ;D
  15. haha sooo many signs to +10 my weps but i knew what i was getting myself into and it was well worth it... if you dont want to spend money...dont amp... ;D
  16. Samsung Galaxy S3... Plays perfectly 8)
  17. I was #1 for quite a while until they took away my arena points and converted to gold i quit playing for 6 months... im back now... watch out! haha
  18. that wouldn't work really...you can already add dq quest items to market...
  19. Malacoth

    many Friends

    I agree with you both...
  20. hmm.. what kind of "job" would you be doing?... seems u r just saying add more daily quests... dqs don't take hours and seems with your idea of jobs, dqs would be more economical ne ways... :search:
  21. Well.. im ampd but... 443 normal hit... about 600-700=flash 1100-1200=crit 98=regen
  22. Ya... I don't like that there is a limit on the amount of "Friends" i can have... I keep having to delete ppl i don't talk to "As much" to make room for new friends... bleh :aggressive:
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