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  1. all he/she does is argue :rofl:
  2. at least Pocket Legends did it better if you clone a game try actually putting development into the game developer and not eat McDonald's all day ya?
  3. since Dark Knight since mage since shamen since rouge durid warlock .... Guild, panda costume lol shall i go on
  4. Your not seducing anyone hating a entire race
  5. Got to see your racist comments on another post seduce
  6. ban me for what? there are no curse words or hateful speech in the post I'm telling the truth ws is just a 2D clone of warcraft. You mad bro? :crazy:
  7. Since warspear wants to be a 2D clone of warcraft, will warspear have a cataclysm land and priest? Huh Snorlax? :lol: you already added guild ;D
  8. World of Warcraft. Shall i say more lol clone
  9. US is for ppl who speak english only just like in America the immigrants are taking over and cant speak english. And ask the devs thay made US server for Americans and ppl who can speak english I'm not saying you have to be American to talk on US server JUST SPEAK ENGLISH
  10. idk about EU never been on there but US is english only. Europe has more then 1 language
  11. Wtf?????? Why is all of the chat on US trade and alliance chat spanish??? Where did thay all come from? :facepalm:
  12. Buying miracle in Google Play , is a better idea then play pal cuz i never once brought mcoins just use offers i also think ppl should be able to sell mcoins for gold, and gold for mcoins in market
  13. we should be able to buy miracle coins from market im only 16 i cant use play pal :facepalm:
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