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  1. :lol: I just noticed that, tan I loved the first one very creative but I'd have to disagree on the whole pot thing I killed u one and yes used a pot but if I didn't u would've ran b4 I got back from respawn, most do. :drinks:
  2. painting is up there lol :facepalm:
  3. :give_rose: ty cherry, come do my makeup for me I need some tips :blush:
  4. :shok: omg the hotdog thing is just nasty :bad: makes me hungry just thinking about it :lol:
  5. :dirol: what if I have more than one answer? :blush:
  6. :blush: I think all of u ladies r pretty cept one and she knows who she is, pay no attention to gossipgirl "haters gunna hate" :pleasantry:
  7. :good: awesome tyler :blush: wish I could get set for life like that but like most normal ppl I make an honest living and workin my butt off for my money :dirol:
  8. :blush: well it's 12:03am here and I'm still alive how about the rest of u wonderful worry warts? :drinks:
  9. gods that global warming not the end of the world :pleasantry:
  10. :lol: OMG SUPER EPIC :yahoo: I love this
  11. it's snowin here :aggressive: about to have a blizzard :bad:
  12. Idk why everyone believes the end of the world is coming :facepalm: this is the 5th time in about the last 2 yrs it was suppost to end and it hasn't yet, it's just a bunch of retards trying to get famous by over exaggerating :pleasantry:
  13. You guys r so mean :cray: yet so funny at the same time :rofl:
  14. bipolarness needs to be directed at someone who accually deserves it :facepalm:
  15. :shok: an hr ago I'm a b*tch now u love me? :wacko: ur one of many :spiteful:
  16. don't worry that wont happen much :tease:
  17. even though I hate to I'd have to agree with tyler :nea:
  18. cuz u weren't important enought to mention :unknw:
  19. hard to vote if we don't know what ne of them look like :search:
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