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  1. Thats the thing you keep mistaking their enchantments/ builds for their tanking capabilities, they aren't aggroing anything nowadays and they aren't maxing their Shields or rush skills for tanking. All the BDs you see aren't building tanks they're building lifesteal dmgers You're mistaking the dmg builds BDs have nowadays for tanking, and I'm not suggesting a heal without a Nerf to some of the skills like the passive atk strength.. no class should be soloing everything Regardless of the 2 aggro skills they have they still are semi tanks, let a BD handle a high lvl mob alone to see if they manage, if they do I guarantee it's not because of tanking capacity it's because the lifesteal If the BDs u see aren't capable of stealing a boss or aggro fighting with another tank, they aren't tanking lol
  2. You're mistaking the dmg builds BDs have nowadays for tanking, and I'm not suggesting a heal without a Nerf to some of the skills like the passive atk strength.. no class should be soloing everything
  3. I'll help you with getting thru Irselnort, Swamps, and Ayvondil. Add my name in-game
  4. A warlock can't seem to stop the resist skill of BD, have u tried kiting or using silence skills? I do understand tho 16 sec of 3 resist buff and a 30/40 sec cd seems hard to overcome. But then again it's hard for anyone to overcome a spam of crowd control debuffs which locks master
  5. The resist skill of BD at max lvl is 16 seconds of 3 resist buffs, which can easily be removed by 3 crowd control skills used or avoided by the 16 sec time, and about the Rush skills stunning outside the range AoE that's becausr a glitch or a laggy connection allows it, not because they can do it
  6. The BD passive skill is only for basic atks, if u max it 4/4, your basic atks will always be more than dmg skills. I do agree however that it can be a huge difference in the battle. Rn just pray other BDs don't figure out they need piercing more than anything cause that's a full dmg basic atk on anyone. I think it can be lowered by 10 or 15% since max atk strength is 50% and a bd can get that easily with spring weapons
  7. Bladedancers are strong and they tend to have the highest dmg yes, but that doesn't make them the best and most OP class. Majority of the ones u see that can be considered strong aren't tanking like a tank but rather as a dmger so it's not the class it's the build people keep using on them
  8. BDs can tank better than any other tank because and only because the dmg passive skill, idk why you want them to have another aggro skill if the majority of active BD don't even use aggro to tank(I'm the exception cause I do), and the shield skill works off your def stats I believe so that's not much an issue unless u do actually tank with it as I do, I only recommend buffing it a little bit
  9. BD don't tank cause they don't want to nowadays, I would however accept a heal skill but to make it fair we would have to nerf something else like our passive expert which is the reason we dmg so well
  10. Now that we have 2 more classes, its time to add another 2 lol. Make a dmg based forsaken since they all have magic and make another magic elf since they only have druid.
  11. For a good while now, I'd say about over a year, the Blade Dancer Rush skill has certain glitches which is both annoying and exploitative, I know this because I constantly have this glitch. The skill will allow a blade dancer to Rush beyond the 5 yd AoE to stun more opponents and it can also not allow the Rush movement at all but instead just the AoE stun. Besides that glitch with the Rush skill, theres a very prolonged wait time before the Rush movement begins, especially when being hit by opponents, and this prolonging also prevents the resist effect of Rush from being utilized properly. I feel like maybe a change is needed to prevent this slow skill activation along with allowing the resist effect to remain during the rush, because a blade dancer will be CC'd when they should be resisting it or they wont be able to Rush and instead just have the AoE stun. Now for this new Resist skill, my only concern is stacking more than 3 resist buffs when the cd should not allow that, it happened 2x to me as i was into battle with a Legion party. The resist buffs were not going away and I gained up to 6 buffs when my cd should not allow that to happen. I don't know if it's a glitch or just a rare instance of stacking buffs.
  12. Any server any time, its an idea for some people. Although I did try it on Sapphire server but no one wanted to participate, even when I said the prize was 1 stamina set and 10k
  13. I wanted to start a friendly competition for Blade Dancers with the Rush skill, a Rush Race! The start of the race would be in the Eastern Caravan camp and competitors would race on the road through Nadir, through the Legion Camp, through the southern end of Berengar's cave, through Kamp Riff, and back to the Eastern Caravan camp. 1 rule to the race; anyone who dies or teleports is disqualified. 1st prize should be whatever the race host decides like gold or rare items. Beware of MCs
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