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  1. Definitely not a gaming setup. It's just HDMI Output to a TV. You'd be better off playing on your PC monitor, the resolution displayed on a TV (1080x720 or higher) will make the game look bad. Tried doing this on my 53' 3D TV and it gave me a headache from all the pixels jumping eye to eye.
  2. Pinkeye from piss/shit? lol i think you need to research pink eye
  3. One is on the mouse of his computer (he probably used a webcam)
  4. hey guys, i'm a barb level 9. I need help with Impudent's Death (Berserker of Bear Clan) and Point-eared Spy (Killing the pointy eared spy). Anyone care to help? Name is Recruit on Sapphire
  5. You were talking about Amplification rather than what the subject was about. You continue to digress. I think that your statement is also false. And even if it was true, it's not even useful in reference. Not even relevant. I'm not teaching you to say anything, this isn't an English class. You're diverting to a different subject to complain about amplification. If you want to complain about it, make another topic don't jack this one.
  6. There's no direct proof. Besides, how can you even scam in this game besides "trade me X and i'll logon my ___ and give you the money". If you're taking about accounts, I'd rather call that stupidity. There is no MC transferring and people will not buy you MC for free. It has been said over a dozen times not to give your account information away no matter what. If you choose to do so, that is on you. If you lack common sense then losing your account is pretty much a punishment itself. Not to be blunt but yeah....
  7. Way to take a subject about LANGUAGE out of context -_-... I really don't see a problem with amplify. Maybe that's because I started playing again and they added new features. You shouldn't be surprised when a free game has cash upgrade options anyway. Money is desirable, right? Pretty sure they won't care if you threaten to leave or anything. You're free to leave as once you've come.
  8. True Dat ^ I hate games that try to control your actions. I played this MMORPG (PC) and kept messing with people and raged at times and i got banned for profanity. Waste of $20 on cash items. Players should be able to act as they are. Besides, I can't even use comical expression if there's censorship. Majority of the community isn't 9 year olds either and probably already curse on a daily basis
  9. In PVP, I think 2 handed is best. The answer really lies in: "Do i want to survive longer?" OR "Do i want to kill faster?" If you have someone with high damage and you are tanking, then obviously a axe and shield is better but everyone targets the stronger person. No point in surviving longer if you don't do any major damage.
  10. For iOS you can press the home and lock button together and it'll flash and make a screenshot.For PC, just press Print Screen and open Paint/PS and CTRL+V Not sure for any others.
  11. Because you can create something original? I don't even have my original photo any more because i pressed overwrite on the jpg -_-...
  12. 3. The scenery and the environment is on your choise. I give him kudos for being the first one to actually post a legitimate one
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