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  1. He'll never win, that's just a waste of dam time, we all know it :rofl:
  2. :rofl: I see u took a pic wen I wasn't lookin :rofl: Too bad hero they are only for me :blush: this is wen we all start feeling a bit sorry for u an how ull never get to be with anything female other than random animals u see :'(
  3. Yes u have to dumb it down a bit to understand his ling-o :crazy: Lol u to sad hero :rofl: wen u finally find someone come let us know, shock the entire ws :rofl: until then have fun with urslef :'( maybe as far as u get :'(
  4. U play with girls in game cause u have no real life game, oh she a bit older than me is that only thing that people can point out :rofl: its not even bad at all :rofl: plez come up with ur own things an stop following behind others :rofl:
  5. We already knw u pro :blush: my pro :give_rose:
  6. I was asking if what I said about hero was to soon :rofl: comeon Mod
  7. Love you more baby :blush:
  8. Was it to soon Modforever ::) tht was the nice version of it :shok:
  9. Sorry male, didn't wana break it to u tthis way buddy but she's to faithful to me to think about any other guy :blush: :bomb: O:-)
  10. Oh we all know ur a "no never pussy touchin b****" :blush: can't get it in real life so u have to mess with girls on a game :rofl: must suck to be u kid, one can't get a real girlfriend, two liven so bad can afford to puta lil extra pay in game so ur chars are atleast decent :cray: an to be dummped an rejected by girls u hit on in game :'(
  11. Mine melted form the touch an shareing of her heart :blush: lucky to call her mine O:-)
  12. Awe onlythe three :cray: where's the other 15-30 u lost vs us :sorry:
  13. I didn't know peoole still used forums :shok:
  14. Think we may need to refresh our list, see who's active an who's not, see who still claims this as their clan, after that then we can maybe start planning some things to do as large groups or small
  15. Ohh ok ill hop on it right away, I also heard tht hydra dropped but idk if true
  16. Ill gladly pay the full 12k boss :good:
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6twNtCamEw&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  18. timeuss

    Best Faction

    Id have to pick firstborn reason use to be because of ranger now druid is why. Played lots of the classes but my druid is the only that gives me a nerd boner . Shamen are good also but I have no push to lvl my shamen *yet* (if it heals an kills I'll like it)
  19. timeuss


    thought u were askin to have me muted was like wth I do :rofl: longest for me was 80 something can't be silent if tryin to sell
  20. Only small issue I see is ranged att chars an CQC chars, maybe doing one for the range att chars an one for CQC both, be up to u if let person with both type to do both An I think should pick up on some farming ;D CQC means: Close Quarters Combat- which would be ur bds an palas, its more use for a hand to hand type of style, but I think way used it was ok :pardon:
  21. :rofl: now lady will understand what I meant wen said "you must not really know me an cat"
  22. I didn't? Who u think pointed me to the issue? I wouldn't have said a word if not spoken to him it be nonsense if I didn't talk to him an just commented on a problem.
  23. Wasn't trying to be one sided I only went off of what information was provided an what I saw is what I first stated. But I will let u take care of this boss. I just saw a problem an as a higher ranking felt as if duty to try an help not my fault hero doesn't want to read my full statements cuse if he did u can see I wasn't taking any sides but its all in ur hands now boss
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